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Unknown Reason is Revealed! Luchita Hurtado the Great Artist died at the age of 99. Why she remain unknown for so long?

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The entire world is grieving at the death of notable artist Luchita Hurtado. Hailing from Venezuela, she moved to the U.S. as a child where she spent her entire years. She was noted for Painting in abstract and remain associated with different art movements and culture. Watch this video of her to know more:

A Remembrance:

At the age of 97, she was selected at Biennial group Exhibition at Hammer Museum for emerging artists, which made her Famous all over the globe. To commemorate her successes, an exhibition of her art was opened in London. The U.S. county museum of art too featured her paintings.

Unfamous yet famous:

The irony is that she remained unknown until two years ago from his death. The LACMA director has once said for her that she graced our world with her art and her presence for so long. It’s just that we have not known it. Though she never got an appreciation for her precious art, neither she ever desired; however, she feels satisfied when people liked her art.

Love Towards her skill:

In the opening of the show LACMA, she mentioned the same that it is the greatest moment for her life. She said further that I’m delighted that all the praises that I got are my biggest achievement. With a smile on her face, she finally said Thank you…Thank you to whoever is in charge.

 Life with a Balance:

Despite being busy, she always prioritized her family.  Along with that, She followed work-life balance and maintained consistency with her art.

So Much love towards Painting:


In a recent interview, she said that Painting is like a diary for her. I am living in Painting, and I love doing Painting all day. It is clear that for the veteran artist, painting is more than just art. It is something that nobody can understand.  She left this world before turning 100 this year .may god bless her soul.

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