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‘I Molested You’: Woman Got Her Uncle to Confess on Facebook Messenger, Now He’s Going to Prison

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For about two years, Marianna Mazzeo has held back to see whether a jury would, at last, accept that her uncle molested her from age 6 to 11. On Wednesday, she found her answer: They did.

About Richard Rose

Richard Rose, 59, was seen as blameworthy of five checks of assault. On Thursday, he was condemned to life in jail, as indicated by online court records.

“I’m feeling solid and I’m feeling engaged, two things I haven’t felt in quite a while,” Mazzeo tells PEOPLE only. “He won’t have the option to hurt anybody once more.”

For a considerable length of time, Mazzeo occupied with self-hurt. After a self-destruction endeavor at age 14, she was placed into a private emotional wellness office where she detailed the maltreatment to specialists, prompting a criminal examination.

Detectives Marblehead, Ohio addressed Rose

In 2014, detectives in Marblehead, Ohio, addressed Rose, however, he would not take a falsehood identifier test, in this way slowing down the examination because of the absence of proof, as indicated by a police report got by PEOPLE.

“At the point when I discovered, I wrote in my diary, ‘He took five years of my youth that I’ll never get back,'” Mazzeo told PEOPLE in 2018. Be that as it may, she promised at that point, “It’s not finished. I’ll get an admission.”

Mazzeo saw her victim

After years spent attempting to discover commonality while keeping away from the truth of her adolescence, Mazzeo was set off in 2017 when she saw a man who looked like her victimizer. She concluded she could no longer escape reality and messaged Rose trying to convey.

In the end, they arranged a video call on Facebook Messenger, and Mazzeo set up two mobile phones: one for the call and another to record their trade.

Uncle’s confession

When her uncle’s face showed up on her telephone following eight years without seeing him, she hit record. He started to apologize and Mazzeo started to cry.

“I have to hear you state it,” she requested. At last, he did: “I’m sorry I molested you.”

With proof close by, she called the police.

He was captured on April 12, 2018, in Port Clinton, Ohio, where he stayed in prison while he anticipated his preliminary. Presently, he’s gone to jail.

Mazzeo invested energy on her treatment

Mazzeo says she had invested energy in treatment, where she found a feeling of harmony. Before the decision was returned, she was anxious.

“I generally felt like I had this appalling thing connected to me,” she says. “Presently, it’s a fresh start.”

She would like to one day be a supporter of other people, who have experienced something comparative, particularly if nobody trusts them.

“Try not to surrender. It doesn’t make a difference if nobody trusts you at this time,” she says. “You know your fact. It needs to come out in the long run. It will come out in the end.”

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