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“Stardew Valley” The top mods are finally released! Which Mods made it to the List? Check it out

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Stardew fans understand that after the release of this Farming game in 2016 it still lacks steam workshop support. It means if you want to apply Mods you have to first alter its internal files. Although Mods available for the game are numerous and anyone can install it easily. but before that everyone must consider making backing arrangements so that if new changes come up in the future it won’t create any problem. Watch its video here:

There are 3 ways by which you can use mods. 

First Method

The first method is used for the mods making small or minor changes within the game.

To order to apply these Mods you have to make changes in the internal files of Stardew Valley. It can be done by replacing the XNB file in the content folder with modified XNB.

follow the below steps to make it functional:

  1. Download XNB modified file from the internet. let’s denote it as NEW.XNB
  2. Then find the corresponding file in the Stardew valley content folder. Generally, the location of the same is C:/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Stardew/Valley/Content
  3. Go to a particular subfolder where you want to makes changes.
  4. Replace OLD.XNB with NEW.XNB

Second Method ( Content Patcher Method)

The second method requires no manual changes in the internal files.you simply have to download content patcher a mode for SMPAI. It automatically applies game visuals and other assets without any need to alter anything.

Third Method

SMPAI: this method is used for the modes that bring significant changes in the game. It is a piece of software maintained by the Stardew Valley Modding community. As soon as you download the SMPAI folder you have to just put your files in it and everything is good to go.

After knowing how to download mods for the game. Here I am suggesting some of the best mods which will surely provide you a wonderful experience:

Movement speed

As the Farming game is already filled with a lot of tasks to do. Everyone wants to save its time and enjoy the fullest of it. This can be possible through Movement speed Mod. As per its name, it provides you with a speed booster and quick mover which helps you in moving fast throughout the map. The facility of increasing efficiency also comes with this mod. Next time when you play the game your watering and tilling field speed will surely increase.

Gift taster helper

If you have played the game you have noticed that when you gift something favorite to someone. It increases your chances of a good relationship. But to keep a record of the same is surely a hard task. To fulfill that consider using Gift taster mode. Does it provide you with a register having records of your previous gifts along with tools to determine what a person likes? And what items will increase your friendship with them? Surely it is an interesting thing to try once.

Lookup anything

As its name suggests it is used to gather information related to something. Just Press F1 to select a person and animal and it will give you all information related to the same in detail. Suppose if you use it on trees it will show you all details like how much time it will take to bore fruits. What will be its sales price, how much is profitable to grow etc? Isn’t it interesting?

NPC map location

One thing that most people dislike about the game is its map. The map is so big that if you are going to find certain points, it will cost you a few precious hours. To ease that problem Map location mod is used. Using its function you can easily spot a person whom you want to deliver gifts and save your time.

Enemy Health Bars

To survive against an enemy it is necessary to find how much energy he has so you can plan your next strategy accordingly. This mod enables you to do the same. So next time if you encounter enemies consider using this mod.

Farm Extended

Some people complain that want space beyond boundaries to perform multiple activities like increasing farming, building space for mining, and raising forest. If you are one of them then this mod is surely the perfect choice.

Perks for Married life

Marriage is indeed an important part of life but in virtual life, it is important too. This new mod comes with features by which you can marry a character. But you have to choose wisely as different characters pay you different things. So what’s your next plan?

Seasonal Japanese building

If you want to give your houses and villages a taste of Japanese traditional style then try this mod. Apart from changing the appearance style, it will decorate your houses with wooden roofs and paper lamps giving you vibes of pure Japanese villages.


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