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Constantine; What Keanu Reeves Starrer Movie Sequel Holds For Fan’s? Clck to know more

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Shivangi Singh
Shivangi Singh
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Constantine is a 2005 movie That hits several records and left a greater impact on the fan’s mind. The character Constantine is loved by the fans mostly because of his various forms. The movie was based on like detective case. And now fans are assuming that there will be a sequel to this movie in the future or not? Constantine played a fair share and liked by fans the most. Variations and features can be seen in the character. The last one got a greater response by the audience and received good ratings and scores.

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Statement by  “Goldsmith”!

In this Latest celebrating anniversary, the producers and filmmaker talked about making sequels of this movie soon. They talked and formed ideas of plotting and cast. According to the sources, Frank Cabello the screenwriter of this movie said that it should focus on identifying the prisoner. And thinking to bring Jesus as a choice. Reeves will come as a hero after 15 years.

According to the reports, the story will have great mileage and a better and interesting storyline. Fan only wants the main character to be great and touchy as well as interesting plots and characters as well. Now there will be a sequel in which we can see Constantine will be affiliated with Jesus Christ. What you think this storyline of the brand new sequel is like the previous one or not, drop in the comment section below.

Which things will not be followed in the sequel?

This brand new sequel will have a different storyline. Although it may be not confirmed the sequel will take a leap or not but that’s for sure that the sequel will also going to rock the cinemas and will get wonderful ratings just like the previous movie. The changed storyline may be seen, new characters with following up the old ones definitely which will give a complete package of entertainment to the fans who are waiting for this from so long.

Maybe the lead actor will be changed only by nature and get’s varied according to the time. Fans would like to see new gatherings and dark secrets of the characters which unfold till now. New threats may excite the users and fans to watch this one. There is an assumption that maybe it will also come in the animated form. For more updates stay tuned with us.

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