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“Google to implement domain only URLs for the chrome 86 version”! Click to know more details!

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There is so much trauma going in the world that paves the way to get us trapped. Also, this biased technology movement surfaces our privacy. And the main reason for this danger is the one clasping our hands, that is our mobile. Due to many manipulations happening on the internet, the belief system is at stake. So Google is taking a step to control this. It is trying to display only the domain name in the URLs instead of the whole text. The change might seem to be simple, but it is a vast implementation. The URLs are the bug trackers of us. Through this, one can easily find our location. So this step can help to reduce it. Google is currently testing it out. They say if successful, they can implement it in Chrome 86 version. To know more details about this, continue reading the article.

“Google is testing domain name only type-URLs”:

Recently Google released a statement about a new feature they are planning to implement in their original version Chrome 86. Though this version will have many advanced features, something is captivating here. And that’s the domain name alone will be present in the address bar. Chrome is the most used browser in the world. Day to day, the rate is increasing. Google’s latest version, Chrome 86, will be out on October 6 this year. Google explains that this implementation is to protect people’s privacy. With the whole URL, many scammers exploit people’s information. When you visit twitter, if the address bar shows twitter.com, it is not a problem. But when it displays twitter.com/werpt.us.in, then you can realize this is not where you have to be. These URLs drain your information, and as a result, you might be in trouble. So Google is planning to modify it.

“Benefits of the new implementation”:

The new implementation will protect you virtually. You can find out if you are on the wrong path through the address bar. If the address has some typos like instagrom.com or some unfamiliar domains, then you can conclude it’s unsafe. Also, some addresses will have hyphenated words. The scam will stop if this testing is successful. Currently, they are going through the process. If it is successful, then it will be a real success for both the makers and the users. Safari uses only the domain names in their address bar. They don’t show the full texted URL.

“Chrome 86 features”:

Chrome extension is a piece of anticipating news. With each improvement, Google is bringing us some advanced features. This time, sources say there will be thirteen new advancements in chrome. Chrome will have built-in Legacy Browser Support(LBC). The system will directly take you to the required URL. Though we aren’t sure if it will be available as a chrome extension or as any other medium is a doubt. The next will be the replacement of “Blacklist” and “Whitelist” to “Allowlist” and “Blocklist.” Also, there will be an Intensive Wakeup Throttling available. So all the background tabs will be protected will no reduction in power. If you are waiting for the features, then you have to do it till October 6.

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