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“Solo Levelling Season 2”: Will “Sung Jin-Woo” be able to find his father? Click to know Release date, Plot, Cast and Storyline!

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“Solo Levelling” is a Korean anime action drama. The series has a story basis from the novel of Chu-Gong”. The original web novel is publishing by D&C Media under the label Papyrus. This web novel attracts its audience to the level that they demand its anime production. One of the show makers starts its anime version production in 2018 and succeeds in its hit arrival. The last show ended recently in March 2019. Soon, after the finish of season 1, fans are curious to know about the second season.

“Solo Levelling” – season 2: release date –

season 1 of “Solo Levelling” is one of the favourite series of people all around the globe . its first season gains a lot of popularity and love. Soon the fans are seeking for the next season, but unfortunately, there is no news of the upcoming season fro the star cast.

Due to corona pandemic, we are not able to get any information about the shooting of season 2 of “Solo Levelling”. But fans are not ready to let the matter go, recently fan group of “Solo Levelling”, starts the petition for the season 2. The request is crossing more than 131,000 signatures while the goal is for 150,000 signatures. Well! This petition, for sure will force the show makers to think about the season 2 of “Solo levelling”.

“Solo Levelling” – season 2: star cast –

  • Fans are waiting to see their favourite stars back on the screen to entertain them so that they can praise. We expect the main actors of our show wang Chi Yeul, Park Hee Jin, Jo Byung- Gyu and Proceed, Joon Hee, to come back in season 2.
  • However, we are also looking forward to witnessing a few new faces in the upcoming season. However, there is no official announcement from the starcast.
  • But we will love to watch the chemistry of some new and old faces.

“Solo Levelling” – season 2: Storyplot –

Season 1 of the series hit the platform well and can bind its audience. Now fans are looking forward to solving the mysteries and plots of season 2 . as season 1 ends in a positive way for our protagonist “Sung Jin-Woo”. in the end he proves his worth. So, in the upcoming season we might discover his plans to face challenges now when he finally realizes his powers . also the next season, will disclose the fact about his father “the greatest hunter” .will he be finally able to meet his father ? all these questions will open up in next season. For that, we have to wait for a little.

“Solo Levelling” – season 2: storyline –

“Solo Levelling” is a full action package. The story hovers around our protagonist “Sung Jin-Woo”. He lives in a world whole of hunters and demons. Hunters chase and kill demons . while other hunters think that our “Sung Jin-Woo” is weak among them and belongs to “E” grade . in the process he tries to prove its worth, that he is not a normal human being and has oaawers too. Once during a game all the hunters along “Sung Jin-Woo” stucks in a game fighting for their lives. Many of the hunters die in the game, but “Sung Jin-Woo” somehow crosses all the levels of the game and keeps himself alive and finally crowning him as a great Hunter. The story is a must-watch full of lots of twists, turns, mysteries.

“Solo Levelling” – season 2: trailer –

unfortunately, there is no official trailer yet!


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