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A fan’s art turns Charlize Theron to Captain Marvel!! The image breaks the internet!!

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Charlize Theron celebrated her birthday on August 7. And the actress received something special on her day. It was something from her fan, and the whole social media is in awe of the gift. Yes! Charlize’s follower made an art of the actress as Captain Marvel. Also, Charlize seems to be so good for the character. Initially, everyone believed Charlize would be in the role of Carol Danvers, but it didn’t work. But this fan art has made that dream come true. It is a special gift on her birthday. Many people shared the artwork and commented on the perfect outcome. The art looks surreal. Also, the painting focuses on Charlize’s power. The image shows some powerful light illuminating from the actress’s chest. The art is more intense than the original one. So fans are excited to witness this. To know more details, continue reading the article until the end.

“Charlize Theron as Captain Marvel”:

Charlize Theron is a South African actress. Also, her acting is raw and intense. She even worked in many action films as high action performer. Charlize has won Academy Awards, Golden Globe and also Screen Actors Guild Awards. “Atomic Blond”, “Bombshell” are some of her influential movies. Charlize gained worldwide recognition for her film “The Mad Max: Fury Road”. The film is one of the best up to date. When talks began about the plan of Captian Marvel, many believed Charlize would be Carol Danvers. But to our disappointment, she was not cast in the role. Instead, Brie Larson played Carol Danvers. Though Brie was right in her character, we miss Charlize in that role. But now her fan has solved the matter.

“Charlize Theron’s fan gifts her a special gift”:

On August 7 Charlize turned 45. The mother of two celebrated her birthday video calling her friends and family. Wishes poured for the actress across social media. But something made us stop and smile and wonder if this will be possible. And that’s the art Boss Logic shared. Boss Logic, an Instagram handle posted art of Charlize as Carol Danvers. The picture became the centre of attention. People liked, commented and shared the image massively. The painting was very intense and powerful. It highlighted the power of the character with Charlize. The artist captioned that this was a very precious work, and it was unfinished for many days. He is happy to complete and share the work.


“Captain Marvel – The Movie”:

Captain Marvel is a science fiction action film. Brie Larson plays the lead role of Carol Danvers. A Kree warrior  Ver, who is also a member of Starforce, is suffering from amnesia. She is under treatment for the condition. Ver gets strange dreams daily, and due to that, she is in turmoil. When she goes for an operation, she gets lost and is stuck on Earth. Here she meets Nick Fury, a S.H.I.E.L.D Warrior who helps her. She also meets Phil Coulson. Soon Ver realises her memory is in a crystal. Then with further encounters, she realises she is Carol Danvers, a pilot who died in a crash in 1989. The plot continues on her adventure.

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