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“Sputnik V enters the third phase; Russia claims one billion vaccines have been pre-ordered by various countries”!

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The world is facing a critical condition. For the last six months, many countries are under complete lock-down. The Government is taking many appropriate decisions for the welfare of its country members. Also, many states are in the mission to come up with the vaccine. But still, the world hasn’t seen it yet. A vaccine will only be the saver of lives. So the mission is at full speed. Recently Russia has been updating its corona vaccine. And now, sources say the country has developed a vaccine, and the final test stage will begin on August 12. The news has shaken up the whole world. If the trial is successful, then Russia will be the first country to do it. The Russian Government also claimed 20 countries have already pre-ordered nearly one billion vaccines. To know more about the vaccine’s stage and the recent update, continue reading the article.

“Russia’s new vaccine Sputnik V”:

Since a month, Russia is updating its vaccine preparation process. The vaccine has completed its two trails. And now, it’s all set for the last and final trial process. This process will include a large group of members than in the previous stages. The trial will be a powerful one. Russia initially announced they are in the process of developing a vaccine when the coronavirus rates went high. The country has many numbers of corona cases and is struggling to reduce the spread. Though the country is under complete lock-down, the facts are increasing day by day. So a vaccine will only be the block end of the range. The Chief of Russia’s Sovereign wealth fund made this statement yesterday. He confirmed the final trail and assured it would yield positive results.

“WHO’s vaccine guidelines”:

The World Health Organization released a statement two months back about the guidelines of the required vaccine. The vaccine should pass through three trails. In each trial, they will provide the vaccine to a particular set of people. The Government should keep a close watch at them and report their condition. The vaccine is to increase the immunity power in a human being. The third trial will include a large number of people. So many countries are looking up at Russia for the result. Though the vaccine is successful after the tests, the WHO will check the quality, and if all set, then they will be distributed around the world. So, sources said it might take a year to reach ordinary people. More than a hundred countries are in the process of developing the vaccine. Only four have entered their final trial, which includes AstraZeneca Plc and Moderna Inc.

“Russia registers the first COVID-19 Vaccine”:

Russia’s Gamaleya Research Institute and Russian Defence Ministry have joined together for their mission. Chief  Kirill Dmitriyev said Russia’s vaccine is the first registered one in WHO. Their Sovereign Wealth Fund is funding for the development. The vaccine known as Sputnik V is named after their first satellite Soviet. Vladimir Putin too released a statement stating about the final trial. His daughter was first vaccinated. Her temperature, initially high, dropped down. He also said nearly 20 countries had pre-ordered the vaccine. It sums up to one billion. He said they could develop five hundred million vaccines in a year if they partner with five countries. Health Minister Mikhail Murashko also explained about the process. He said they are hopeful the vaccine will pass through the trials.

Currently, the making process is in Binnopharmcom Company and Gamaleya Institute. Recently the total coronavirus cases have reached twenty million with over seven lakhs death. India is also in the process of developing a vaccine that is currently under trials.

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