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Building the Picture-Perfect Brand with the help of Good Will and Reality-TV. Click to know entirety.

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Eminent Photographer and TV personality Mike Ruiz opened up about how reality TV platform helped him become he is today. He owes his success to work ethics and exposure he gets from the screens. According to him, TV platforms are a powerful marketing tool that helps you reach a vast user base and act as a stimulus for personal branding. He further says It helped put a face to work. Watch the full interview here:  


Mike has already been featured in different shows, the majority of them he appeared as a Judge, lending his expertise. He has been instrumental in launching the career of young aspirants. His shows include:

  1. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-list
  2. RuPaul’s Drag Race
  3. America’s Next Top Model
  4. A-list New York

In Logo TV’s A-list, he appeared for two seasons till 2011 and left the show thereafter. His photos featured in some of the prominent American and International magazines predominantly Vanity fair, Traveler, Flaunt, Interview, Brazilian Vogue, and Cande’ Nast. He also worked for Kelly Clarkson’s All I ever wanted and contributed to Dolce and Gabbana’s Hollywood book, 1 man’s The Beauty of Color Beauty Book’. Besides, he also collaborated with J Cheikh in 2012 to design a capsule collection for men’s fashion.

Early Life

At the age of 28, Mike came into the industry a little late though. He never thought of making a career out of his new-found love. On one Christmas eve, He found a Cam and soon became addicted to, capturing everything that comes to sight. He began to shoot model friends and lending it to his agent who, in turn, endorse him to other models. His passion for photography started to pay dividends when he got recommended for other magazines and advertising commissions. He began to realize that he can make a decent living out of this.

Initial work

Work ethics, right temper, professional wit soon began to swing in as he decided to be a full-time photographer. He came to New York and after an initial struggle, started to work as a photographer of the fashion model in 2007. He was enjoying the whole process of working with the contestants. Things began to fall in line and he got multiple opportunities to work with reputed brands prominently among them is Garnier, MAC Cosmetics, L’Oreal, Schick. He established and made a name for himself.

Social work

He associated himself with various social issues. He worked for the cause of homeless Shelter for the LGBTY community by partnering with Ali Forney Shelter. Also collaborated with Social Impact, an online charitable retailer, on the release of Mike Ruiz Collection. He made his animal lover wish known by standing up for Pits Foundation which is working for the dog’s welfare. Releasing “Bullies and Biceps” calender where dominant males are posing with dogs and promoting it on social media to create awareness about the conditions of dogs.


He, however, acknowledges that exposure has played a vital role in taking his career to new heights. Therefore, he gives more emphasis on creating a personal brand through social media and other marketing platforms. Vigorous training provided by him to the young promising individuals will help them bypass the tough competition and establish themselves in the industry.  

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