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Cruelity breaking all records when a man tortured victims mentally and physically before stuffing them in the freezer!!

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The world is full of cruelty. No wonder !! the predators are all around us seeking for the perfect opportunity to harm the people. Such cruel predators not only enjoy just torturing the women’s physically but mentally too. Continue reading to witness another harassment case of women.

  • The serial killer threat is still hovering over us.
  • They don’t stop at physical torture but also torment women mentally.
  •  We got to know one serial killer, who stuffs women’s body in a freezer for her pleasure.


So the question is when this women harassment and torturing will stop? Is there any full stop to these absurd cases? Still in 21st-century men drives pleasure in torturing women. When are these animals going to end? This cruelty is high time.

Recently, the police are investigating a serial killer who loves to drive pleasure by torturing and harassing women. He not only stops at the physical harassment but torments the women in various ways mentally also. He uses to stuff al his victim women after a death in a freezer . not only this before murdering them, he uses women’s body, brutally raps them physically and mentally.

Currently, police are working on a case of a serial killer,  Zahid Younis, 36, a.k.a boxer and charging him for the brutal murder of two women. One of them is ‘Henriett Szucs’ and other is ‘Mihrican Mustafa’, she has three children also.

Both the women were missing for the last few years.’ Szucs ‘ goes missing since  August 2016 .while for  ‘Mustafa ‘, police is searching since 2018. police recently find both the women’s in a phycho killer apartment.

From the case, it is evident that the serial killer used to stay at an apartment in Vandome Close, Canning Town. Not only this, but his brutality is also apparent from the notes diary of one of the women. One of them uses to keep specific notes. In the notes, she uses to describe the torture that he wants the women to follow their orders. If they deny his laws, he uses to beat them and derives the pleasure in raping them. The women have to eat, whatever, he gives them.

This torturing is too much. Not only this, but there are also previous cases about the ‘ Zahid Younis’, torturing the girls. He used all his powers on his wife too. He batters his wife, and because of the girl’s tender age, he has to go jail for about   30 months . he didn’t stop there only, once in 2014, his victim was a 14-year-old little Muslim girl.

And about his wife, he first acts as a lover to her, then, later on, marries her . then he starts showing his cruel face to the wife by abusing her mentally and physically. The girl’s family says that their daughter, at that time, usually has many fractures and ct marks on her body parts.

He is a real predator and a humanity shame. These kinds of people force women to live in a nest and not to come outside. We hope, soon all her victim women get their revenge.


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