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Health and Fitness App Exercises AI for Competitive Advantage. Click here to know more.

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Going out for gyming and for workout sessions is not going to be possible for a very long time. The current situations won’t allow that to happen very soon. Working out in a gym with a mask on and following social distancing norms is quite impossible.


So what’s new that can solve this problem?

n-person workout sessions these days might seem like a thing of the past, while solitary workouts at home replace gym visits as an ongoing result of the pandemic.

The use of artificial intelligence is not yet a common feature in fitness apps, but it is the main component in a popular India-based app now focused on growing users in the U.S. and Canada. Bringing AI to personal workout routines at home could provide gym-starved exercise enthusiasts something new to sweat over.

Fitness apps today have become as prolific on app store warehouses as games and phony ad-blockers. The Cure.fit personal home workout app uses AI to bring more effectiveness to users’ physical training.

Artificial intelligence is only part of what drives Cure.fit, according to Shamik Sharma, head of international business at Cure.fit. While a number of fitness apps are available worldwide, what makes Cure.fit unique is that it focuses on everything having to do with the mind and body.

“The app offers holistic health offerings across physical fitness and workouts, healthy food, and mental well-being,” he told TechNewsWorld. In regions outside of India, app users do not have access to those ancillary parts of what Cure.fit offers users in India, at least not yet.


Advantages of having such kind of features.

AI is generally used in large scale, big data scenarios, according to Thomas Hatch, CTO, and co-founder at SaltStack. This means that the results or outputs from AI are often used in consumer applications. But AI is not typically run in consumer applications.

“AI is not that common in fitness apps today. But we are starting to see it used more frequently to manage and track tracking fitness data and related trends. The use is emerging and becoming increasingly common,” he told TechNewsWorld.

If done properly, AI could be quite viable in consumer applications. But AI needs to give real insights to users of these apps.

“Right now some of the best examples of AI in consumer apps are capabilities like Spotify’s ability to determine what songs to play or suggest based on listeners’ behaviors.

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