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It’s a girl for “Katherine Schwarzenegger” and “Chris Pratt”! Uncle Patrick reveals the happy news with a gift!!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter and her husband, Chris Pratt, have become parents. Katherine’s brother revealed the new to the world. Earlier this year, news spread that Katherine is pregnant with her first child. Also, her parents and family members confirmed the news. It’s been an exciting journey for the couple as they entered parenthood. The whole family was looking for it. And now they are rejoicing on the news. Though no official dates about the birth are out, some close sources say it might be on Friday. We are yet to confirm about the birthday. But the whole family has come together to celebrate the new entry. And of course, the parents are in great joy. Even uncle Patrick has bought a gift for his niece. He tied it with a pink ribbon and showed it to the media. To know more details, continue reading the article.

“Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt” – The love journey:

Katherine and Chris married last year in June. Chris has a son Jack Pratt with his ex-wife, Anna Faris. But sources say the couple broke up having dealt with some personal issues. Later in 2019, he married Katherine. In April, the couple announced they are expecting their first child together. Katherine was busy promoting her latest book. But with her due date nearing, she stayed home. Katherine was active in all her social media handles, expressing her joy ride during pregnancy. She also kept her fans updated with all her latest transformation. Katherine even posted her baby bump in many pictures. Yet her whole family was excited about the news.

“Arnold about his grandchild”:

On “The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon,” Arnold broke the news officially. He said he was excited to be a granddad. Also, he said the child would be unique because it is the mix of Kennedy, Schwarzenneger, and Pratt. The child will be powerful enough to train the dinosaurs or handle the Cuban missile crisis. Katherine’s mother, Maria Shriver, also said she was thrilled to great her grandchild. Arnold and Patricia divorced back in 2017. And they have four children together. Since it is the third generation, the family is excited about the child.

“Patrick announced his niece’s birth”:

On Friday, Patrick was in Santa Barbara, California. When enquired, he revealed his sister had given birth to a daughter. They are safe now. He also said he has a gift for her. Patrick showed a box tied with a pink ribbon. On Friday afternoon Pratt’s car was seen outside St.John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. So they expect that the child might be born on Friday. In the following days, the whole family visited their home. Many flowers, too, arrived from their close friends. Today Katherine revealed her daughter’s birth in her social media handle. She said her daughter’s name is Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt. The child is already receiving blessings from all over the world.


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