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“Simon Cowell” advises his fans to be careful after his bike accident; Says he is healthy and curing!

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Recently Simon Cowell faced a colossal accident. He fell from his electric trail bike and rushed to the hospital. He has several back fractures. Also, the doctors have advised him to take proper rest. So, probably he won’t be in this season’s America’s Got Talent. Yes! You read it right. He is one of the judges in the all-time favourite show. Recently Simon made a statement in his Twitter handle. And he told about his new condition and advised his fans to be careful. If you are his avid fan, then you should check his twitter now. Simon’s injury has shaken his followers. Since the news was out, his fans are gushing about his health. Now with this video, there is content that he is safe and out of danger. To know more about his health condition and the accident, continue reading the article until the end.


“Simon Cowell met with a bike accident”:

Simon Cowell is in his home in Malibu, California. He is spending time with his wife and children. Amidst the global pandemic scenario, Simon is staying safe with his family. This Saturday, while he was turning in to his new electric trail bike, he fell. Immediately they took Simon to the hospital. Sources of his wife and children accompanied him to the hospital. They were having a good family time while the mishap occurred. Though no information was out about his health condition, later, his side informed the media about the matter. The 60-year-old suffers from some severe back pain. Many bones are confused. So it might take time for recovery. He is one of the judges of the famous reality show “America’s Got Talent.” Also, Simon will not be part of the show.

“Simon’s statement to his fans”:

On Sunday, Simon released a video in his twitter handle. He said he was alright and is slowly recovering. He has undergone several surgeries and so it might take time to cure. Simon advised his followers to be careful while trying on new things. He also expressed his gratitude to the medical team. Simon said they had taken care of him very well. The 60-year old seems to be in good health. His fans across the world prayed for his fast recovery. America’s Got Talent will start after this Tuesday after the Corona crisis. But Simon will not be in it owing to his health conditions. We are not sure when he will be back at work. But we believe Simon will be back to the show once he’s again is cured.

America’s Got Talent’s other judges Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara wished him a functional recovery. They posted an empty chair from the American’s Got Talent show. Also, they wrote they would be missing their boss in the caption.

“Simon Cowell” – His life’s tale:

Simon Cowell is the judge for many famous reality shows like Pop Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor. He is renowned for his various works. Simon is an entrepreneur, Television personality, Record executive. In 2013 he married Lauren Silverman. Lauren has a child Adam from her previous marriage. Also, the couple together has a son Eric. Lauren supports Simon in every step of his life. They are currently living in California.


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