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“Perseid Meteor” is returning on August 12 for its annual shower! Click to know the ways you can witness it and other details!

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Perseid Meteor is back. We are in the second week of August that means perseid meteors will be visible. If you haven’t heard of the term before, don’t panic. Perseid Meteor illuminates high light when the world turns dark. That is it will be visible only after twilight. The Moon’s size will also reduce as the perseid swallows the illumination. This ideal scenario occurs every year at the same time. Even you have missed it in the long years don’t forget to catch up this time. Every year the astrophotographers capture some epic images of the scene that depicts the beauty of the UniverseUniverse. Also, this lockdown is influencing many bad vibes, so this may be a soothing gift. Sources say the meteor will be from August 11 to 13. To know more details about the perseid meteor, continue reading the article until the end.

“Perseid Meteor – The definition”:

Perseid is the dust particles in bean size that radiate above the Earth. Usually, these particles are present at a distance of 80 miles from the Earth surface, which counts to nearly 139 km. The appearance seems to be surreal. During this time of the year, Earth will pass through this surface. The surface mostly is a layer of dust and other related particles which occupy the whole area. It is said to be floating in the atmosphere. It occurs after twilight. The perseid will draw the Moon’s light. So when perseid appears the Moon’s size will also reduce. It may seem to be radiating the same quantity of light. But perseid radiates more intensely. So you will witness the unexpected. It will be a beautiful sight. We will provide you with some guidelines about how to see it.

“Perseid Meteor occurring dates”:

This year perseid will be from August 11. After the sun leaps down and just before the Moon pulls out, you can witness this meteor. The meteor will move towards the northeastern region. So you can see it from August 12 evening to the next day before dawn. Swift and Horace Parnell Tuttle in 1862 first found about the Perseid meteors. Since then, there is a vast amount of people waiting to witness the beauty of this Universe. Though the appearance will reduce after August 13, the meteor will not move away. It will be there till mid-August, but we will not be able to see with our naked eye. During that time, Moon will ultimately be invisible. Of course, nature’s beauty has some mystery to it.

“Steps to witness Perseid meteor”:

The meteor will be visible only in the dark region. So make sure all other lights are not present, and your part is entirely dark. The other artificial lights will erase this radiation. Keep staring at the dark space. You might witness the illumination at the earliest. Also, you have to do it before the Moon ultimately arrives. Telescope Observing Editor Diana Hannikainen too released a statement about this. She emphasized people to witness this marvellous thing in their region. NASA has released about the appearance of this meteor. So get your families and some small bites to spend your evening peacefully in the lap of nature.



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