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“Sims Season 4”: All the Cheat Codes of Sims 4 to have better gaming experience!

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How to take shortcuts while building in Sims? Here are all possible and easy cheats you can use in your favourite video game, “Sims season 4″. So, continue reading to grasp all the tricks.

However, these cheat shortcuts might spoil some of your fun in the game, like creating a best friend relationship, saving for a dream home. But for sure, cheats will make you more creative and your work easy. So, our first work is to know, to open the cheat console in “Sims.”

How to open the cheat console of “Sims Season 4” on PC –

To open up the cheat console – press Ctrl + Shift + C together.

This option will open up your cheat console. Now type the cheat of your choice and press enter. The trick of your choice will enable you now.

To close the cheat console – again press Ctrl + Shift + C together.

It’s worth noting that many cheats require you enter ‘testingcheats true’ beforehand. This will reveal the command, ‘Cheats are enabled,’ signifying that tricks are enabled. Not all cheats require this action.

Move Object cheat   –

This is one of the handiest cheats of the game. This cheat will let you replace the objects according to your will.

For this cheat to activate,  one needs to type –bb.moveobjects on. One can retype the same to turn the trick off.

With this shortcut on, you can place or move your objects to the places that you would not be able to do regularly. With this, you can put two objects together like two sofa parts, table parts and make them bigger.

However, this cheat has some limitations, it will allow you to place two windows on one section, but it can affect your ability in the game. It can give some strange visuals to your decoration.

Deciding the Object’s height cheat –

Also, this cheat gives you the option to decide the height of your objects to place. To activate this cheat, you have to –   select that item and press key 9. every time you will enter key 9, Object will shift slightly above . to fix the Object there – release the Object.

In the same way, you can bring your Object down – by “pressing the object and pressing key 0″.

Money cheat code for the “Sims Season 4” –

To activate the cheat for money. Open the cheat console and enter the following –

  • motherload – 50,000 simoleons
  • rosebud – 1,000 simoleons
  • kaching – 1,000 simoleons

Howver, we also have some other alternative pathway to activate this cheat, in case you forgot these cheat words.        For that, enter “testingcheats true’ and type “Money Y” and press enter. Y should be the simoleons you want to replace for your current total money.


Carrer cheat code for “Sims season 4” –

For this cheat to activate – you need to  enter “testingcheats true’ and then type and enter the following codes:

  •   careers.retire ‘Y’ – Retire Sim
  • careers.add_career ‘Y’ – Add career; Y should be your career choice.
  • Careers. promote ‘Y’ – Sim promotion


 To know hidden objects cheat code –

Another cheat that is used more often is – to use hidden objects . to activate this cheat – open the console and type ‘bb.showhiddenobjects.’

This shortcut will let you use the objects which you cant use otherwise. You will be able to buy the objects that will help you, for example, light. Light will help you enhance the beauty of your room.

So, enjoy your cheat codes !!!

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