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The 2020 New York Comic-Con, to take place in Manhattan, Cancelled? Click to read the reason behind it!

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The length of desolate, yet foretellable gathering news goes on and on, with the 2020 New York Comic-Con getting cancelled. The event, supposed to take place in Manhattan, Nw York, on October is not taking place because of the continuing coronavirus outbreak. However, the event will be appearing online, with ReedPop and YouTube partnering with each other. The Comic-Con will be similar to the one which took place last month in San Diego.

New York Comic-Con, which is ReedPop’s most major latest event, announced it would be postponing its in-person event to sometime farther into the future after the coronavirus settles down, and it’s safe.

‘Comic-Con, New York’: Reedpop’s Statement

Not just the Manhatten Comic-Con, but also the San Diego Comic-Con, South by Southwest (SXSW), DragonCon, and ReedPop run, Emerald City Comic-Con, and Star Wars Celebration, were forced to make the same call. ReedPop, in a statement, was thanking all the dedicated Comic-Con-goers and fanbase for the immense support they are showing during these difficult times. It is impossible to even think about trying to make it happen without endangering people’s lives; it is absolutely out of the question.  

ReedPop shared a statement with everyone speaking about, how they wish they would be giving out badges for Comic-Con rather than news about the even cancelling. Comic-Con was going to take place in Javits centre, which will not be running indeed. ReedPops statement appreciates the fans with full sincerity for their patience. They did try to make things work for October with Javits and the local officials, but it is not possible because of the COVID-19 widespread. They feel its better not to conduct the event now, keeping the future in mind.

‘Comic-Con, New York’: To be happening Online 

The Comic-Con will be taking place on an online platform. A new website, called ‘New York Comic-Con’s Metaverse,’ made for the event. ReedPop is partnering with YouTube, where the event will consist of pre-recorded panels, live-streaming, and many other programmes. Groups for DreamWorks Animation, Starz’ American Gods, Hulu, and FX will be present. Just like the San Diego Comic-Con, CBS will be hosting an all-access Star Trek Universe panel. In the coming time, we will get to know more about which of the groups will be present during NYCC.

ReedPop is also making virtual marketplaces available for fans, where creators can display and share their newest products. YouTube live chat will help the viewers to interact with one another as well, which did not happen during SDCC. NYCC is one of the many events forced to move things online because of the pandemic. Warner Bros. is also going to hold a panel discussion on August 22, online known as ‘DC FanDome,’ where they will discuss DC’s movies. Many changes are occurring because of the coronavirus, even though the cases in New York might be lesser, but it is not worth the risk. The New York Comic-Con will be from October 8, 2020, to October 11 2020.

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