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“XCOM 2 cheats”: Struggling to win in this ambitious turn-based game? Check out this article for the cheats in the game that’ll make you a god!

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XCOM is a sci-fi strategy-making game from Firaxis Studios that came out in 1995. It is a big franchise, and a reboot of the game started around 2012. XCOM 2 and its expansions came out 2016 onwards. XCOM is pretty popular in its genre and has a huge fanbase online. However, the game isn’t easy to play. A lot of the game’s mechanics can seem random since each turn a player takes has a different success rate. As a result, a lot of players can find it tough to play the game initially. If you’re one of these players or want to try being invulnerable, then we have got all the cheats for XCOM 2. Read the article to find out all the details.

General commands: “XCOM 2.”

Here are some of the basic commands for the game. Using these, a player can easily bypass the main challenge in the game and turn themselves impenetrable. However, before using these cheats, one must enable the console. Type -allowconsole -log -autodebug in the launch options for XCOM 2. You can also press ~ while playing to access the console.

  • TakeNoDamage: Write this in the console for taking no damage.
  • PowerUp: Take no damage as well as get infinite ammo with no reload.
  • ForceCritHits: Use this cheat to force critical hits.
  • Togglefow: The map will show itself, but enemies remain hidden.
  • RestartLevel: Use this to restart a level.
  • HealAllSoldiers: Cheat will heal all soldiers. (Only works in Avenger)
  • LevelUpBarracks X: Instead of X, type the number of levels you want to level up.
  • ToggleUnlimitedActions: The player can toggle unlimited actions, but it goes for the enemies as well.
  • Skip AI: Use to skip the AI’s turn.
  • ToggleSquadConcealment: Your squad can conceal itself through this. However, it still alerts the enemy.
  • TTC: Teleport selected unit to the cursor.
  • TATC: Teleport every unit to the cursor.
  • GiveTech [Tech Name]: Use this to attain any tech you want.

Adding items: “XCOM 2.”

You can use these commands to obtain a specific item or resource in the game. Here’s a list:


  • additem BattleScanner X:  Use to add Battle Scanner.
  • giveresource LightPlatedArmor X: Use to get spider suit.
  • additemHazmatVest X: Use to add Hazmat Vest.
  •  giveresource MediumPlatedArmor X: Use to get Predator Suit.
  • additem ReloadUpgrade X: Use to add Reload Upgrade.
  • giveresource HeavyPlatedArmor X: Use to get EXO Suit.
  • additem ClipSizeUpgrade X
  • giveresource LightPoweredArmor X: Use to get Guardian Suit.
  • additem FreeKillUpgrade X
  • giveresource EleriumCore X

(Note: In all of these examples, X is the quantity. So, when entering the command, specify the number of items. The command giveresource [resourcename] works the same way, but with resources that the player already has.)

File Configuration: “XCOM 2”

To alter the config file in the game, use these commands:

  • To modify the max number of soldiers in a mission: Change MaxSoldiersOnMission in the file DefaultGameData.ini
  • Change the max quantity of enemies in a level: Change MaxSSpawnCount in the file DefaultMissions.ini
  • Alter the enemy’s health: Change CharacterBaseStats in the file DefaultGameData_CharacterStats.ini
  • Allowed Weapons: Change AllowedWeapons in the file DefaultClassData.ini
  • To alter the stats of damage, radio, weapons: Change the file DefaultGameData_WeaponData.ini
  • Modify any soldier’s skill: Change the file DefaultGameData_SoldierSkills.ini

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