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Addons of “WoW”: Learn all the addons of “WoW” to enjoy the game at its maximum level!

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Do you want to enjoy the game “WoW” at its maximum level, then here we present the best’ WoW mods’ for you. Continue reading to know everything regarding “WoW mods”.

Use the WoW mods to enter into the smooth journey of warcraft and be the hero of the game.

How to download WoW mods

Downloading WoW mods is quite an easy process to do . all you have to do is to download the app “Twitch app “. This app lets you access the variety of addons automatically. It makes your installation, upgradation and managing easy.

Some of the best ‘WoW addons’ of 2020  are –

Bartender 4 –

If you are a new player in the game, then this is the first mod you will need. This mod revolves around warcraft hot bars.

Enter addon -Bartender and this will let you access to control the ten action bars which include position, size and transparency.

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Deadly boss mod –

This mod is handy as this gives you alert about the sudden attack and harm. By default in-game, you have to beware of the boss fight and have to remember it from time to time. But don’t worry this mod relieves your that headache. This mod will give you alarms and alerts of a boss fight at the appropriate time. Raid and dungeon times get synchronisation among the players.

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OmniCC –

As you know, value small things also. This mod fits better in this phrase. This addon adds text to your action bar icons. Though this addon work is too low, it is beneficial as it displays your activity and cooldown time appropriately. This mod is useful during the gameplay to keep track of the cooldown time.

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Damage meter –

Well!! We can say this app is a heaven send. Using this app, you can track and take control of the damage, you and your partners are doing in the gameplay by sifting through combat log. It is a very accurate DPS graphical meter . also if you love to play in a damage-dealing specialisation, then you need this mod the most of all . also this mod’s optional tool lets you see talent choices and item level of your partners. This mod is fantastic to keep track of others, too during the gameplay.

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OPie –

OPie is one of the most simple and easy mod to use. OPie creates contextual radial menus so you can easily use specific abilities on your action bar with just your mouse. So it’s straightforward to use.

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So select all the mods accordingly and enjoy the game.

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