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“Wonderdraft”: The reality conversion tool to build your dream map with Wonderdraft!!

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With the infamous Game of Thrones’ end, you all might be thinking of new fantasy series to be engaged with, to pass your time. But why search for another fantasy story, when you can create a fantasy world of your own. Whether you are working for some RPG or adventure game or wish to create your own fantasy world’s map, well then, we have found you a solution.

Wonderdraft: The fantasy to the reality conversion tool

Wonderdraft is a fantasy map creation tool which gives life to your fantasy world, suitable for 64-bit Windows 10, Linux and MacOSX. I came across this excellent tool a few days back, and am trying to do some cool stuff on this too. So, I would love to share some details, so that your lockdown will also become more attractive.

Wonderdraft: Features

The various features of wonderdraft are-

  • It generates realistic landmasses of different types
  • Helps in brushing landmasses with automatically beautified coastlines
  • Enables you to draw rivers and roads that look artistic with a few clicks
  • Helps you to paint groups of tree and mountain symbols effortlessly
  • Artistically curates default map themes
  • Creates aesthetic labels using presets
  • Map dimensions vary from 512 pixels to 8192 pixels
  • DRM-free software and royalty-free user-made content
  • Surface Pro 4, Wacom and digital pen support

So, in all, you can randomly generate an entire world map or focus on just a continent or some islands. The Sliders allows you to choose how detailed you want the coastlines to be and how much water you want to fill your map. Once you’re satisfied with the generated map, you can use more sophisticated tools to add or remove land. Or you can shape the coastlines, add rivers and lakes, and start planting mountains and trees. You can plant trees either one at a time or by painting them on with a brush.

In this software, there are tons of ready-made symbols available, to create villages, towns, and entire cities. You can even join them with roads and paths. Castles and buildings come in various art styles, but you can show your creativity too. With the several themes and colour palates available, you can create a unique fantasy map of your own.

Wonderdraft: Official trailer

Now, that you know about the features of this fantastic software, check out this video for a  better understanding. The trailer begins with the development of landmasses, placement of cliffs, mountains, hills, forests, rivers, lakes, towns, cities, paths, and more.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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