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“Minecraft Stonecutter”: Get to know more about the Minecraft stonecutter, from it’s ingredients to usage!

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The Stonecutter, in Minecraft, is made use of for the crafting of blocks which relates to stones. It helps cut it into tinier and specific amounts rather than the typical crafting methods, serving as a stone for the job site at Mason’s. A numerous amount of blocks which relate to stones can be made by just using the Stonecutter as an option for the crafting table. However, crafting of specific blocks is not possible with it.

 In a village, at Mason’s home is where you can find a stonecutter. As a choice for using the crafting table, the Stonecutter’s usage is for crafting many items from stone. In the Java and Bedrock editions, the Stonecutter is practical.

‘Minecraft Stonecutter’: Platforms Supported

  • Java edition
  • pocket edition
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Nintendo change
  • Windows 10 edition

The PS4, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Nintendo change are now altogether called as Bedrock edition, which players should keep in mind.

‘Minecraft Stonecutter’: Crafting using survival mode

  • Open your crafting menu- open crafting table- 3×3 crafting grid
  • Inside the crafting menu- in 3×3 crafting grid, place one iron ingot and three stones
  • after crafting, the final step is to move it to the stock, and your Stonecutter is ready!

‘Minecraft Stonecutter’: Getting, breaking, and crafting

  • Getting a stonecutter: It is through a natural generation. Here masons homes in villages have stonecutters which give inside the stone.
  • Breaking a stonecutter: For breaking a stonecutter, pitch axes are the best choice. If you don’t use a pitch axe, then mining becomes messy, and the item will not drop, thereby damaging the Stonecutter.
  • Crafting a stonecutter: In the java edition, it is Iron Ingot plus stone, and in the Bedrock edition, it is, Iron Ingot plus any rock.

 ‘Minecraft Stonecutter’: Instructions to use the Stonecutter

The vast amount of blocks which associate to stones, crafting can be possible as a crafting table with the help of a stonecutter. However, crafting individual blocks are not possible, that is anything which would require a lot of actions. There is also an option of any villager choosing a stonecutter that has no owner. To be more specific, if a stonecutter, in any village, is lying unused, then a villager without a job yet can come and claim this Stonecutter. It is not necessary for the Stonecutter, and the villager should be from the same village. Villagers can also change their occupation to a Stoneman if they find a stonecutter like this.

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