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“Minecraft Bad Omen”: Here are the top ten facts you did not know about the Minecraft Bad Omen!

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Bad Omens in Minecraft are known to be extremely dangerous for the players. From the release of Minecraft 1.14 back in 2019, Pillagers and raids have become a very familiar thing or feature in the game. Pillager outposts are not very far from villages, waiting to get their hands on the innocent villagers. Even though the players don’t have to be involved in these things, they will have to face the consequences if they accidentally fall into the trap.

Usually, status effects in Minecraft appear from enemies or potions, but this is not like that. This status effect design is so that it appears only at a particular place during a specific time. They are concluding to the fact that there is a different way to get rid of this kind of status effect. In this article, are the ten facts every player needs to know about the Bad Omen.

‘Minecraft Bad Omen’: Ten facts all Minecraft players should know

The following are the facts players should keep in mind about the Bad Omen.

  1. Rewards of a raid- As soon as the player protects the Bad Omen villagers, the game rewards the player for preserving the village successfully. The player gets the status effect of Hero of the Village, and the gifts the player receives will be according to their job.
  2. Approaching a village and starting a raid- If a player is not ready to face an attack, they must be very cautious and prepare themselves when they face the Pillagers. When it occurs for the first time, the player unlocks an achievement, with the health bar regenerating with every move until the player is successful.
  3. Getting rid of Bad Omens- There are only two ways to get rid of the Bad Omen. A player can also choose not to enter a village, but it is better to remove it altogether. One way is to achieve the challenge of saving villagers from a raid; if unsuccessful, the second way is that the player has to drink a bucket of milk. The only issue here is that the player will not get any rewards.
  4. The Bedrock edition difference- To make sure the game is not run in other platforms, the Bedrock edition has a few changes in which players who play the Java edition fail to notice. In the Java edition, the Bad Omen is in the corner of the screen, but in the Bedrock edition, it is in the Totem of undying.
  5. Levels not there in Bedrock edition- In the Java edition, Bad Omens have up to six classes, but the methods are different in the Bedrock edition. Regardless of how many captains die, the level remains unchanged.
  6. The Hero of the Village- As a player finishes the raid, they receive The Hero of the Village status, and the strength of the position will depend upon the power of the Bad Omen.
  7. Raid Dificullty defer according to levels- The Bad Omen decides how hard the raid will be for the player, and the maximum level for the Bad Omen is six.
  8. One level per kill- Each time a player kills a captain, the Bad Omen’s level increases. However, the levels are only till six.
  9. Kill a captain for status effect- The player gets a status effect only if they face a Pillager, not just that, they should kill its captain.
  10. Activation after entering village- The Bad Omen status effect does not occur immediately, but with time, and only when they approach a town with a raid.

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