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“Starcraft 2 mods”: Elevate your game experience with these amazing mods which are completely free!

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One of the best mod scene from any game is for the StarCraft games. With both Blizzard and the mod community putting in work, the mods for the game are exceptional. Yet, the scene doesn’t get much love and deserves a lot more recognition. While the veterans of the StarCraft games are well aware of the mods, the newer players are not. The best part about this is that these mods are completely free for all players. As with any other game, the mods completely change the way you view a game, or at the very least, make it more comfortable to play. Here are some great mods for StarCraft 2!

Mass Recall: “StarCraft 2 mods.”

While this mod may seem janky at first, it is one of the best mods for the game. Essentially, Mass Recall remasters the 1988 StarCraft 1 for a 2010 engine. What the remasters from Blizzard failed to achieve, this mod provides. It is incredible to see how many things it improves, from difficulty settings to actual campaigns. Even though the blend of StarCraft 1 and 2 may sound weird, it works out very well. The mod polishes all the rough edges out of the game and also adds content to the game. Here’s where you can get the mod.

Odyssey: “StarCraft 2 mods.”

Odyssey came out in 2015 and offered a whole new story campaign for the game. The mod doesn’t have the integration level of Mass Recall, but it delivers nonetheless. It has about fourteen missions in total and offers immersive gameplay to the players. While there are some parts where the mod may seem clunky, it holds up with the StarCraft interface for the most part. The story of the campaign and the characters are a bit peculiar since it isn’t an official campaign by the devs. We recommend getting this mod from this link.

Annihilation: “StarCraft 2 mods.”

Although this mod may be tricky to launch, it is worth all the hassle. Annihilation is a work from a modder ‘DudkiSC2’ who worked on this for four years. They completed the mod in late December 2018, and it consists of an entire campaign. Similar to the SC2 mission structure, the mod has 24 missions for the player to complete. It is a complete package with boss fights, difficulty levels, and multiple units with the player. Crawl around in dungeons with your teams and experience a whole new side to StarCraft 2. You can get the mod here.

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