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Best ‘Stardew Valley’ mods to make your farming experience fun! Read to know more about it!!

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Are you looking for Stardew Valley mods? You are at the right place!  We have various stardew Valley mods that will make your game experience enriching and better next time you play. And for those who don’t know about Stardew Valley, it’s a simulation role-playing video game where you tend your farm, raise animals and crops and also make a bit of a name for yourself in the community. 

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But before telling you about the best and popular mods, let us first tell you how to install them because Stardew Valley doesn’t have official steam workshop support. 

To Install Stardew Valley Mods 

There are two types of Mods in the game. One replaces existing XNB files in the content folder, and others require the ‘Stardew Modding API’ to install. 


  • XNB Files: Most of the stardew valley mods make small changes to the game that includes Altering visuals, reskinning assets, to name a few. To install these mods, you need to replace the existing XNB files with the new and modified version. 
  • Content Patcher: A mod for SMAPI that allows downloading content packs, which changes the game’s visuals or assets like XNB mods. 
  • SMAPI: It is an open-source piece of software maintained by the Stardew Valley community, which is required for alteration when to make more crucial changes. 

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Best Stardew Valley Mods 


  • Billboards Anywhere: It helps you to see what’s going on wherever you are in the game, without visiting the town to do so. It lets you view the calendar and daily quests anywhere, not just on a billboard. The events and presents are all correct. Enter ‘B’ for the Billboard menu and ‘H’ for searches. 


  • Lookup anything: It is one of those helpful mods that exposes all simulation information you could need. You could take out information about the local villagers, whom to romance with, and even just a strawberry. 


  • Horse Boys: This mod converts one of your horses into a Stardew Valley bachelors. It is one of the weirdest yet craziest mod, which you should try if you are looking for the unusual villagers of your town. 


  • Elle’s Cat Replacements: If you don’t want a cat to be with you, then you can try this mod out! It transforms your farm cat into anything from tortoiseshell to calico and everything in between. 

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That’s all for today! STAY TUNED and STAY SAFE! 


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