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“The Witcher Enhanced Edition”: If you’re looking for enhance edition mods of the witcher, then click here to read more!

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After the launch of ‘The Witcher 3,’ you guys might want to start by boarding your time travel machines and taking a tour from back when all this started. ‘The Witcher’ first came out in 2007, introducing many to RPG’s without, for sure, a proper system of good or evil clarification. Player’s are never clear about the options available in ‘The Witcher’ universe. Plyer’s are always unsure about whether their choices do good or evil. It is because any choice the player makes is both good and evil at the very same moment. One good aspect of the game is that the players receive consequences to their deeds only hours later after committing the action. Which can only mean one thing to them, think about their results and live by them, unless and until they do not mind replaying the game and losing all the hours they spent on it.

‘The Witcher Enhanced Edition’ came out a year later in 2008, launching by CD Projekt RED. ‘The Witcher Enhanced Edition’ came with several new monsters, NPC’s, and 200 unique animations. They went to great lengths, expanding and making corrections in the dialogues in the versions requiring translation. Not just that, the makers reduced the loading time to around 80% lesser while repairing all the bugs in the game. The game was starting to show an improvement in its stability and a newly designed inventory system. The game also has a community in it called the best community quests. Now, let’s dive into all the mods for ‘The Witcher Enhanced Edition’ to improve and enhance your game without wasting any time.

‘The Witcher Enhanced Edition’: List of all the top mods available for the enhanced edition.

  • Rise of the white wold enhanced edition- The modders had to take two whole years to make this mod, so it is one of the best mods. It first came out as just an interface mod, but later went through many changes and additional features.
  • The Witcher Hi-Res character modelsAll the monsters, animals, and NPC’s in the game have a more delicate texture because of this mod.
  • The Witcher Texturen- This mod is similar to the mod mentioned previously. When the previous mod improves the texture of characters, this mod does the same for walls, objects, buildings, magic, armor, etc.
  • The Witcher Perfect Blood- full DL- This mod helps the player see the wounds that come on themselves and their enemies, also updating the Witcher’s blood.
  • The Witcher Perfect Blood- Fix- This mod makes a tiny fix in the Witcher’s blood.
  • Perfect rain mod- The rain in the game appears to look a little more natural.

Some additional mods are :

  • Full combat rebalance
  • Sex takes time mod
  • Leuvaarden buys Salaandra Badges
  • Scabbard mod
  • The Witcher Alchemy mod
  • Painful herbs for TW1
  • Stop the rain for TW1.

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