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“Slay the Spire”: Want to play as a farmer, slime, or even a sneko? Get all the best mods for this game here!

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‘Slay the Spire’ is one such game that became a hit way before its early access.  Why? Well, it’s quite simple actually. This game is a roguelike dungeon crawler, which is very riveting that players can access from any length as long as they satisfy the card game veterans. The creation of this game is by Mega Crit Games. ‘Slay the Spire’ is a replayable affair, with a mix of different genres, combined with graceful and peaceful for building decks. 

‘Slay the Spire’ modders are now introducing players with brand new cards, potions, relics, and even new characters. The modders let players go to more than just any lengths, with brand new rules to the game from sailor moon rules to poker rules to even farming playable monsters. You heard it right; players can pose as farmers and play the game.

‘Slay the Spire’: All the best mods for players to enhance their game.


  • He slimed me- With this particular mod’s help, players can pose as slimes to play the game. The slime character will get the ability to possess strengths like the slime crush, goop spray, and corrosive spit, just like all other enemy slimes. Players also get the ability to divide into multiple parts like their foes to protect themselves. This slime mod is a well-made mod, with seventy-five extra new cards, making it an easy access mod.


  • Poker face- Are you a player with a thing for card games? Then this is the best mod for you. This poker mod has an entirely new set of rules and also the laws of the original poker. The addition of new relics and hero cards are available in this mod. Players can create poker hands by saving up rather than using all their best cards in the vanilla slay battle. Players can play a shutdown, using all their best poker hands at the end of the game during their turn.


          However, a lot of the cards of the vanilla version of ‘Slay the Spire’ gets turned off using the mod. Players will find this odd at first, but later realize that those cards would be a distraction and get in the way. Players can also find custom cards in this mod.


  • Owing Cards- There are numerous anime mods available in this game, as predicted like the Senshi mod and the Hayseed mod. There are also lots of mods available for players wanting to make significant changes like poker and farming.



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