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“Destiny 2 mods”: Here are the best mods in Destiny 2 and where you can find each one of them!

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While Destiny 2 doesn’t have a big scene of texture-changing or campaign mods, it has its own unique set within the game. Seeing how popular the game is, it is safe to assume that players want to see mods for the game. In our last article, we told you about the best armour mods in Destiny 2 and how to get them. However, there’s a lot more than armour in the game, and the devs have created mods for weapons and other player statistics as well. We have compiled a list of mods here with instructions on how to get them. Read more to find out the details.

Arc mods: “Destiny 2 mods.”

  • Bow Ammo Finder- This mod costs two energy, and you can get it from gameplay, Gunsmith Engram, or vendor packages.
  • Machine Gun Ammo Finder- This one costs three energy. Get it at the same sources as the Bow Ammo Finder.
  • Pulse Rifle Ammo Finder- Costs the player only one energy and you can find it at the same places as the other mods.
  • Enhanced Bow Targeting- While it costs the player five energy, it is a useful mod to have. This one is only present at Pinnacle activities and Iron Banner.
  • Machine Gun Targeting- With this mod, we return to the same sources as before. It takes about three energy to use.

Void mods: “Destiny 2 mods.”

  • Enhanced Hand Cannon Targeting- This mod costs the player about 6 Energy. You can find it in Pinnacle activities and Iron Banner.
  • Scout Rifle Ammo Finder- The mod is available in general play, Gunsmith Engram, Vendor packs, and costs only one energy.
  • Enhanced Sniper Rifle Targeting- Will cost the player six energy. It is only available at Pinnacle activities or Iron Banner.
  • Grenade Launcher Ammo Finder- This is a mod that costs the player about three energy. It is available at the same sources as the Enhanced Hand Cannon Targeting mod.

Miscellaneous: “Destiny 2 mods.”

  • Fastball- It is available at the general gameplay, Gunsmith, and the vendor packages. Also, it costs about two energy to the player.
  • Light Arms Loader- While the mod is available at the same sources at the others, it costs four energy and only applies to Sidearms, Hand Cannons, Bows, and Submachine guns.
  • Rifle Loader- This mod costs five energy and applies to Pulse Rifles, Fusion and Linear Fusion Rifles, Scout Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. It is available at the same sources.
  • Large Weapon Loader- Using up to five energy from the player, it applies to Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, and Grenade Launchers. Find this one at the Gunsmith or the vendor packages.

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