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“Elon Musk” beats “Mark Zuckerberg” to become the third richest person in the world!!

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Who can predict the business world? Billionaire numbers and name changes in s flick of a finger. There’s always competition among the world’s richest men to be on the top list. Recently “Elon Musk’s “shareholdings show a steep increase. Click to know everything about “Elon Musk’s” way to be the third richest man in the world.

  • Tesla CEO “Elon Musk” became the third richest man in the world.
  • He currently replaced Facebook Inc. co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.
  • On Monday, this sudden change in shareholdings leads to the shift in the world’s richest man’s top list. 


“Elon Reeve Musk” is an industrial designer, engineer, entrepreneur, and motivation to millions of people around the globe.  He is the co-founder, CTO, CEO, and chief designer of SpaceX. He is also the CEO  and architect of “TESLA Inc.” He is one of the influential people in the world.

It is evident, in this figuring world, share figures keep on changing. So the bright richest people name list. Recently on Monday, we witness th sudden change in the shareholding figures. This change leads to “Elon Musk,” giving the title of the world’s richest man . well!! Wow!! this is excellent news.

Monday as shares of Tesla Inc. continued their unrelenting rally after undergoing a forward stock split. Musk is now worth $115.4 billion. He replaced Facebook Inc. co-founder “Mark Zuckerberg,” hooking the higher title in the economy for himself.

Mark Elliott Zuckerberg” is an American internet entrepreneur, media magnate, and philanthropist. Indeed! He is also a motivation to million of youth for his talent and mind. He is a  co-founder of “Facebook Inc. “And he also serves as its chairman, chief executive officer, and controlling shareholder. In comparison to “Elon Musk’s” $115.4 billion, he is slightly low, with the shareholdings worth $110.8 billion. He is one of the most influential people of the era.

So both these at one or the other time grabs the top positions for being the world’s richest man as well as a great motivation to the world.

Tesla is one of the favourite amateur investors on online trading firm Robinhood Financial. This interaction plays a significant role in uplifting the economy during this lockdown period.

Tesla’s $464 billion market value now exceeds that of retail behemoth Walmart Inc, the largest company in the US by revenue.

So this fantastic piece of news is too enthusiastic for the lovers of “Elon Musk,” and everyone from all the corners of the d is congratulating him on his success.

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