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Want to dive in a world of “Vampire Mods”? Click to dig deep the mods of “Vampire: the Masquerade”!!

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Are you a vampire lover? Here’s a vampire world for you to dive in. Your favourite video game, “Vampire: the Masquerade, “provides you with that opportunity. But do you want to make your vampire digging experience best? If Yes !! then here comes mods for you. Mods make your vampire world’s ambience many times real and enthusiastic.

So continue reading to enjoy the best of “Vampire: the Masquerade” with the help of mods –

Here are best mods for “Vampire: the Masquerade” –

So let’s have a look at the best vampire world mods –

Vampire: the underworld “Selene” for “Burjah” mod –

Most of the vampire lovers are familiar with the underworld movie series. Everyone loves to get the feel of this series. So here comes this mod at your service. With the help of Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines mod, you can change the female player clan Brujah for Selene from the movie Underworld.

It is a very enthusiastic mod for the keen players of the game as it let them give a real-time vampire world feel.

Click here to download this mod.

Playable NPC’s –

Though the “Playable NPC” mod can be quite tricky for some users, once you become handy, you will enjoy this videogame. By default, the choice of characters is limiting in the game. So this mod lets you choose your favourite name from a wide variety. Using this mod, you can play any of the game’s notable NPCs. The game characters include Sabbat Henchman, Goth Girl, Jeanette, and even Doris.

Click here to download this mod.

Bloodlines unofficial patch –

This unofficial patch improves the efficiency of the game. This mod helps in fixing so many bugs, lots of tweaks . over to it this mod also adds a lot of other content. This mod makes much quality of life improvements like will support you of widescreen play and many more.

Click here to download this mod.

Developed ENB mod –

If you love more clear visuals and background effects, then this mod is for you people. With the help of this mod, you can give your Vampire world a more realistic haunting feel. This ENB mod provides you with different shaders, but its best is a cyberpunk-style aesthetic mod. It suits well with the ground Hd textures.

Click here to download this mod.

These mods are simple to install and great fun during the gameplay.

So please select your favourite mod and enjoy it to the fullest!

Till then, keep yourself updating through our articles.

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