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The next generation of Witcher game is getting a new mod overhaul! Click to know more about these mods!

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CD Projekt Red has now released several patches and updates to enhance “The Witcher III: Wild Hunt”. The recent 1.61 updates, consists of HDR support for the PS4 Pro. This update had few bugs, and the company is currently working on another patch to fix the current issue. However, most of CD Projekt Red’s updates are now focusing on several graphical improvements. But, some gamers have long been working on a mod of their own, known as the “Enhanced Edition,” which aims at complete remodelling the game’s battle system.

Enhanced Edition

The Enhanced Edition deletes the level scaling for all of the game’s foes. Instead, every enemy has now predetermined stats which do not change as you climb the ranks. Moreover, enemy defence styles are much more changed, depicting that every human enemy will not necessarily utilize the same pattern of attacks. Hence, the game’s enemies are now more dangerous and gruesome. The stamina meter doesn’t refill quickly now. As a result, the close combat is now less about mashing buttons, while the new animations for drinking potions make it relatively harder to use them safely amidst the battle.

The Enhanced Edition also makes specific changes to meditation and even signs. This mod is now available; the creators have recently released the latest and final version; version 3.0. It is a tiny file to download – the total size of which is only 56.9 megabytes. Interested gamers can download the mod for free over at NexusMods.

Genji of Rivia

HackerAxe has aptly titled ‘Genji of Rivia’ mod. This mod will let you “bring your Genji obsession into the world of The Witcher 3”. This mod adds a brand-new set of armour as well as swords ported from Overwatch and polished for maximum immersion. It is high time for Geralt to adorn the high-damage, sleek, and armour of the great Genji Shimada – a green cyborg ninja from Overwatch. The mod’s armour is 4K textured components which have been modified just slightly to help them fit seamlessly into The Witcher’s world.

However, Genji-Geralt looks a little awkward in the cobbled streets of Novigrad, yet are pretty stunning. The cyborg ninja’s silver and green-tinged armour gleam in the open-world game’s sunlight, and with “Ryuuichi Moji” swords, he is more than capable of taking out a Leshen or two.

For any more updates, stay tuned.

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