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Queen and Philip to head to Balmoral for their traditional Summer Break. Will they still be able to make it during lockdown? Click to find out MORE!

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Its that time of the year when the whole Royal family gathers at their Balmoral castle for the traditional “Summer break.” As the UK is severely hit with the Corona Virus breakdown, will the royal family still be able to enjoy their time together? Read.

It’s not a secret that Queen and Philip have been spending their summers at the hills of Balmoral for decades. Every year the Royal family reunites at their castle and spend some family time together. The Queen, 94, and the Duke of Edinburgh, 99, are currently in their Windsor castle and spending the lockdown days together.


However, we heard from sources that the Queen is planning for their summer break and will be traveling to the Balmoral castle located in Scotland’s soft hills in August. The duo will get joined by other members of the Royal family. But due to COVID-19 and its rules, there will be some changes.

As per sources, the family will join Queen in Aberdeenshire but will keep a distance in the pandemic account, which has made social distancing an essential. Although other family members will join them for the traditional summer get-together this time, they will not be able to come close to the monarch. Queen will also not be able to attend the guest. The guest will be accommodated in another place. The couple is, however, allowed to meet and greet the other members of the family outside. They will gather outside for outdoor activities like walks, fishing, horse riding, picnic, etc.

All the strict arrangements and restrictions are imposed by keeping the current situation in mind. As the Queen and Philip are in their 90’s, they are more prone to the virus infection and thus need more protection. All the traveling and accommodation plans are made keeping “safety” in mind. Few staff from the “Windsor bubble” will also accompany them and be a part of the “Balmoral bubble.” Windsor bubble is a group of 22 people who are looking after the Queen and Philip since the lockdown got imposed. The Windsor bubble members are either isolating from their families for three weeks or live with them on the Windsor Castle grounds to ensure the complete safety of the Royal couple.

Will Prince Harry and Megan Markle join them?

Earlier, the reports of problem and rift between the Royal family surfaced on media. The tension was between the Royal brothers “William” and “owed by Harry anfollowed this by d Megan stepping down from their position and giving up on the Royal throne and getting completely settled in Los Angeles. Now it seems that they have solved their personal grudges and are on talking terms.

International travel has its own risk now, and United States us way too worse than the United Kingdom in COVID-19 spread, which brings us to the conclusion that Harry and Meghan will not be able to make it to the summer break this time. As they have Archie with them who is small, it becomes impossible for them to travel in pandemic Condition.

William and Kate are expected to come with their kids. Let’s see if the Royal family could actually make it to their destination. Stay connected, and we’ll keep you posted. Stay home, stay safe.

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