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Soul Eater Season 2 got cancelled? Click to know about Release dates, Plot and much more!

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Most of us are a die-hard fan of anime series, arent we? The anime which are often based on Manga Series? If yes, then we have some good news for the fans! The most standout anime of all times are all set for it’s another installment.

Soul Eater is a famous anime series that is based on the popular Japanese manga series. Written and illustrated by Atsushi Okabe. The show is set on the “Death Weapon Meister Academy.” Directed by Takayu Igarashi and produced by Bones Studios. The anime is a lot different from its other mates. Like other all other anime, which are also based on the Manga series, Soul Ester stands out in every aspect.

The show had an original run from April 7, 2008, to March 30, 2009. With a total number of 51 episodes, the show manages to make a perfect space among the audience. Even after gaining immense love and recognition from people, the makers haven’t come up with any second season. This is a rare sight when it comes to “anime.” Anime makers go on and on with new seasons. This was, however, not a case with Soul Eater.

The show has Action fiction, Dark comedy, dark fantasy as its genres. They were discussing why it is different from its other counterparts. As anime these days involves a bright character, personalities, and vibrant background colors that never fade!
Ninjas nowadays in the series are not seen wearing the traditional black outfits because it might affect the whole happy, loving vibe. This is the reason why Soul Eater stands alone to stand apart.

Release dates

Soul Eater’s first season was only loyal to its source material half-way through the series. It means that after about 30-35 episodes, the anime was forced to take its path as the manga was still in the process.

If season 2 is announced, we can expect it to arrive anytime in 2021. However, there’s no official announcement about it yet.

Back then, makers decided to come up with an actual tale after they were done with the manga, and this stunned many enthusiasts because anime shows don’t usually do that. But even after a decade, we haven’t had a new season of ‘Soul Eater,’ and that’s primarily because the anime turned out to be going in a direction that was different to the manga. Let’s see if makers decide to go ahead with the same story or to introduce changes.


If the show comes up with its second season, then we can expect the characters to be the same.


‘Soul Eater’ depicts an academy situated in the Death City, bossed by a Shinigami, who is regarded as the personification of death. The academy’s primary goal is to boost “Death Scythes,” who can later help the Shinigami combatting the evils of the world. These “Death Scythes” are not real weapons but are entirely human/demon crossbreed who can alter their bodies into Demonic Weapons.

However, they can only do this after depleting the spirit of 1 evil witch and that of 99 other evil beings. ‘Soul Eater’ portrays the existence of the students who belong to the Death Weapon Meister Academy and pursues their quest into evolving “Death Scythes” from the “Demon Scythes” that they already are. It represents the lives of the students as they take on severe, dangerous missions to get clench of the souls of all the evils that stalk them to conserve their town and also to get a chance to be the Demonic Weapons of devastation that they’ve always dreamt of being.

We hope that this anime gets a renewal for its fans. We will bring you all the latest updates here, so stay tuned!

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