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“Twilight: Director opened up about upcoming Novel and another twilight movie!!

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Stephenie Meyer’s upcoming novel is all set to hit the market this coming Tuesday. This news has provoked all the twilight fans, and they can’t keep calm. They see this novel as another masterpiece in The Twilight Saga series.

Read here about the new Twilight movie, the reunion of Bella and Edward, and MORE!

It’s been more than a decade since the Twilight fever seized over the globe, and yet the gossip covering the novels and films forbids to die down. Buffs are now getting restless and want to know what the future holds for them. 

 It was May this year when Stephenie Meyer declared that she would finally be releasing Midnight Sun. The Twilight’s pioneer novel recited from Edward’s point of view will release on August 4, 2020. The Twilight fan army rose again and started visualizing a possible movie adaptation. Midnight Sun is the 5th series of the Twilight Novels.

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was asked by Entertainment Tonight if her 2008 film could recruit to become Midnight Sun in the book’s discharge sentiment. She confessed that the possibility would be difficult as the film dwelled a lot more in Bella’s head. 

Twilight is an American film based on the four novels of American author Stephenie Meyer. The very first installment was released in November 2008. The Twilight Saga series is a romance fantasy drama that stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as leads. The Twilight series was a hit and gained a massive response from the audience. It has enjoyed an IMDb rating of 5.2/10 and 49% on Rotten Tomatoes. Regarded as one of the best of its time, Twilight got nominated for various awards. It adjudged as the best in multiple categories.

Bella and Edward will reunite once again.

Earlier, Twilight movie director Catherine Hardwicke said that she would make another Twilight film if Midnight Sun releases. Now in a fresh interview with an entertainment outlet, she talked about the likelihood of the movie.

Catherine said that the duo would not be able to reschedule their other films if we take them. She said that Robert is now Batman, and Kristen is busy with her million other beautiful projects. She concluded her point by saying, “no one knows what would happen,” which has put the fans in a dilemma. Significant changes in the plot could be another reason for the cancellation. Everyone is aware that all the previous series written from Bella’s point of view. However, the prequel has It from Edward’s point. 

Yet, in an interview back in 2016, Robert Pattinson, the protagonists, said that he is interested to know what Stephenie Meyer will compose. But he thinks that he would perhaps be too aged to undertake the position of Edward Cullen again. On the other hand, Kristen said that she would be eager to work in a Twilight movie. She said that it would be captivating and will not all affect her emotionally.

About Midnight Sun 

Bibliophile will get to learn about Edward’s prior ordeals and his voyage as a vampire. The novelist earlier withdrew the document of the novel 12 years ago due to an online leak. She reportedly said that the ‘novel would never see an end’ when the book’s rough outline leaked on the internet. Now, finally, Stephenie has completed Midnight Sun.

That’s a wrap for today’s readers. We will get back to you with more details. Till then, stay safe! 

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