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“Splatoon 3”: Release dates, gameplay and all you need to know! This game will be better than before!!

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Are in love with colors and like shooting based game with a storyline in it? Get ready to shoot and splash with colors as the famous “Splatoon” series is all set to hit the gaming market with its 3rd installment.

Proceed to know about release dates, gameplay, and more!

Splatoon is a shooting based game that was developed and published by Nintendo in the year 2015. The game became a household name soon after its release. Thanks to its concepts and unique features, it is totally different from the other games in the market. It is played by gamers of various age groups worldwide.

Splatoon, with third-person narration, has thrill, action, strategy building skills as its genres. Popular game Series is picturized around a fictional anthropomorphous, cephalopods, which are human-like creatures known as Inklings or Octolings, apparently taken from the words Octopus and squids.

Nintendo released its first installment back in 2015. After seeing its success, makers introduced another season, season 2, in 2017. Season 2, like its predecessor, got huge fame and mass recognition because the series was the initial one to get a story mode. And now makers are coming again with the third installment. Reportedly, Nintendo uploaded an image on a web-based networking media. Fans welcomed the post and expected it an indication from the makers.

Release dates

Fans were expecting season 3 to hit the gaming market this year. However, due to COVID-19 situations, we can expect a delay. The pandemic has brought everything to a halt. If the situation gets revived, we can expect the game by the end of this year or 2021. There has not been any official information yet.

About the game and storyline

Each player has to achieve goals by using weapons available in the game. Players are allowed to create and utilize colored ink when in human form, and in cephalic forms, they swim and camouflage themselves in the layers coated in the color ink.


The series has a storyline based on an Octopus development and journey of two cousin sisters known as Marie and Callie. Season 2 gave hopes to all its fans of another season as it had a story mode.

Trailer: Splatoon 3

There is no official trailer now. Makers have kept everything under a wrap for now. They have only hinted about the next installment. We can expect a trailer or teaser soon.


New features and gameplay

The series third installment will likely continue with its predecessor’s traditions that is a 3rd person narrative. The introduction of a well developed and improvised multiplayer interface is expected. It’s also fair to assume a change in the storyline.

The previous beloved characters like Callie, Marie, and the Squid Sisters will appear in the third series. However, Marie’s absence is predicted as the makers have already dropped the hints for her disappearance.

The game will enhance its previous features with 8-10 players in each mode. Improved and the hi-tech single-player job is expected. The “primary color” characteristic within the new recreation will match players’ eyes and tilt the tips of their tentacles.

Well, that’s all for now. Fans are getting anxious for the next installment. Stay with us for more updates. Stay safe and stay inside.

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