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Good Omens Season 2: “Good” and “bad” omens are set visiting again! Cast, release dates, plot and MORE!

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Want to witness a fantasy series with a blend of comedy in it? Do you prefer exploring thrill and adventure?  If yes, then we have the write pick for you!

The famous Amazon Prime series Good Omens is expected to come again with its another season. Yes, you heard it right audience. The makers haven’t announced anything yet but haven’t denied it as well. Fans are eagerly waiting for their favorite show to return.

Adapted from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, Good omen is directed by Douglas MacKinnon. The amazing music, is given by David Arnold. Show has its roots in USA and UK and was originally released in English. The brain behind the successful season is Neil Gaiman who is also the creator.

Exclusively released for the Amazon platform and the BBC the show enjoyed a good run of 6 episodes with an operating time of 51-58 minutes. The drama has fantasy as its genre and enjoyed an IMDb rating of 8.1/10. The show first hit the digital platform on 31st March 2019 and concluded with 6 episodes without leaving any future anticipation for the next.

Release dates

All we can say is season 2 will surely hit the screen due to its large fame and recognition. However, there is no official word on it yet. Makers are tight lipped about it.

With the current pandemic situation of COVID-19 which has bring everything to a halt including the shooting process and production work its fair to expect a delay. Once the situation revives the things will be back to its normal.


We can expect the whole old clan to meet again for season’s next. Michael Sheen as Aziraphale and David Tennant as Crowley who are also the two protagonists will once again ace it with their performance. Other casts include Daniel Mays plays Arthur Young, Nick Offerman as Thaddeus Dowling and Anna Maxwell Martin as Beelzebub, Sian Brooke plays Deirdre Young and others.

Introduction of new plot will lead to the entry of new cast and we can get to see some new faces.


There has not been any official information yet about the sequel. However makers haven’t denied the news and we can expect it soon. Meanwhile, you can check the season 1 trailer here


The show is a supernatural drama which has demons in it. The story is exclusively set at time of beginning of Earth. The story revolves around two individuals Aziraphale who is an angel and a representative of heaven and the other one is Crowley who is an evil and a representative of hell. The two protagonist who are completely opposite are forced to form a team in order to prevent Armageddon from attacking. They together work on their mission to search a 11 year old boy who is born to bring the humanity to an end.

What is expected?

Season’s finale ended with Crowley and Aziraphale having lunch together. Basically, the ending was not much anticipating. Probably, the only thing left to explore is Armageddon. Season 2 might start with the angel and the devil. We can see them repenting for the sins they have committed on earth. And how they will further survive on the planet. Will they head back to their native location?

We can only assume as there is no concrete word or notice on it yet. The news of cancellation also surfaced lately. However, Neil Gaiman said that he has the idea of script and might turn it into a show. Let’s see how long it takes them to renew it for another season. Fans are asked to expect the unexpected!

And that’s a wrap for now! We will soon  get back with more news and latest updates. Till the time, stay home and stay safe.

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