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Carnival Row Season 2: Amazon’s hit fantasy series is coming back to our screens next year! Will Orlando Bloom be back?

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One of the most hit series on Amazon Prime is also one of the youngest ones! Carnival Row came out in 2019 and only one season of the show was enough to gather a big audience. The first season of the show saw positive reviews and people were interested in watching the show. Since then, the fans of the show have been demanding a second season for the show. It seemed like last year Amazon had dropped the show but they’ve restored it since. Recently, updates about the second season have come out and we have compiled them all here for you. Here is everything you need to know about Carnival Row Season 2!

Release Date: “Carnival Row Season 2”

carnival row season 2
carnival row season 2

Amazon Prime had announced last year that they will be dropping Carnival Row. However, since the show got overwhelming responses, Amazon has picked it back up and decided to continue it. Thus, Season 2 is officially happening. Now, Amazon has not yet confirmed a release date for the next season. It seems like it is still under production and filming, so it might take a while for the season to come out. We are guessing that the season could be released sometime next year. The release could be possibly in mid-2021. Once there are new updates available, we will make sure to notify you about them.

Cast: “Carnival Row Season 2”

The cast for the last season of Carnival Row was a big selling point for it. The show stars big names like Orlando Bloom as “Rycroft Philostrate”, Cara Delevingne as “Vignette Stonemoss”, Simon McBurney as “Ryan Millworthy”, and Tamzin Merchant as “Imogen Spurnrose”. We expect these lead roles to be the same in the next season too. The cast for the show is a giant list of artists but these could change possibly in the next season. Since the season is still under development, it’s tough to predict what might happen to the secondary characters.

Plot: “Carnival Row Season 2”

Season one of the show left us with a lot of questions and viewers were left wondering what will happen next. There are a ton of sub-plots in the series and many of them might come back in Season 2. There is also the situation of Carnival Row turning into a ghetto that will have to be explained. Will The Pact have a significance in Season 2 or not? A lot of questions from Season one will make a plotline for the next season. However, this is still just theory since the season is under a developmental stage. We could understand more once a trailer is out.

Storyline: “Carnival Row Season 2”

carnival row season 2
carnival row season 2

Carnival Row is an American series exclusively available on Amazon Prime that came out in 2019. The show only has one season out yet and its second one is in the works. Carnival Row combines horror and fantasy in a Victorian setting and follows the life of two lead characters. One of them is a human detective and the other is a fairy. A series of murders in the city unites the two in an attempt to stop the catastrophe that lies behind these monsters. The show is extremely interesting and we recommend watching it.

Are you excited for Carnival Row Season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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