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Among Us Mod Menu Hack Apk v2020.11.17[Always Imposter, Mod Skin, Airship Hack] Mega Mod APK Updated Hacked!!

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Download Among Us Mod APK (Mod Menu Hack) latest version 2021 100% working for your android device for free. It has a space theme where the game takes place between the Crewmates and the Imposters. A group of four to ten players can compete in each round.

Among Us Mod Apk- Hack Menu – iOS Hack Introduction:

Download Among Us Mod Menu Hack Latest version 2021 APK Update – A Space-themed game of betrayal and teamwork that can be very well enjoyed with your family and friends. Hence, anyone who’s very well at lying will be as good at playing this game. However, Among Us is all about preparing your spaceship for departure. Along with that, beware of Imposter bent on killing Everyone and using sabotage to create chaos between imposter and crewmates.

MOD APK nameDownload Among Us MOD APK With Hack Menu(Always Imposter Hack)
Game Version2020.11.17
APK / iOS Size71 MB
App DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Updated onNovember 2020
Price0 $
Android4.4 + higher
MOD APK Features
  • Always Imposter

  • No Ban
  • Visible Ghost
  • Complete All Tasks
  • No Kill Cool Down
  • Speed Hack
  • Mod Money
  • Unlimited Emergency Meetings

What Is Among Us Mod Menu Apk?

The play is based on a science-fiction strategy provided by American studio Inner Sloth. The Among Us Mod Menu Apk is an online mixed version of hiding and seek, and mystery solving. Last year, it provided an upgrade with many new features and deduction of many codes which previously acted as a hindrance while playing.

Subsequently, in the previous year’s tense situation, Among Us, Mod Menu Apk has provided gaming geeks with a lot to binge play on. Now, the latest feature added a Menu that unlocks required features. With its help players can easily gain victory. Keep reading to know about those Among Us Hack Apk and other options.


among us latest mod apk

Something’s not right here. A crew of up to 10 is ready to build their space shuttle to depart into the great unknown. However, there are a few traitors amongst the group. They will need to be weeded out before they can attempt to kill all others in the fray. Can you survive the fun party game madness? Download Among Us for Android to see if you’re up for the challenge.

Among Us Mod menu Features

Before you take off, you can take a look at the features guaranteed during your journey to build the shuttle. Relax, there isn’t an imposter fabricating these additions. Just read along and worry about that later

  • Win the game by successfully completing each task to build your space shuttle. Or, you can weed out all of the imposters and eject them from the game.
  • Traitors can sabotage your plans at any moment. So, all players will need to react fast and move as quickly as possible.
  • The Admin map and cameras will help you keep an eye on all crewmates. Make sure to keep tabs and stay alert at all times to spot any sign of a defector.
  • Once dead bodies begin to show up. Immediately contact your other players. Discuss any evidence and attempt to figure out who the imposters are as soon as possible.
  • That being said, meetings can be held to discuss any suspicious activities or behaviours of other players.
  • Once a verdict has been met, you can vote to eject any suspects. Be sure to make the correct decisions when choosing who stays and who goes.

More features are waiting to be witnessed. However, you will need to download the game to figure them out for yourself.

Graphics Review Of Among Us Mod Apk Latest

The graphics of Among Us are amazingly cute and well designed for the style of game. After all, this is a party game to be enjoyed and played with friends and family. The character models of each character is unique and distinguishable enough to have a personality of its own. You can easily point out Among Us from other games, based on the design of the characters and settings.

With that being said, the animations also come together for some smooth visuals. The game can run at 60fps for ultimate optimization. Run through the map and perform seamless actions that look and feel good all throughout the game.

Difference Between Among Us Apk Vs Among Us Hack Apk

The update of new possibilities has created chaos among players. As they are getting confused about what is the difference between Among Us Apk and the newly added Among Us Mod Menu Apk. The one thing that differs them is newly added options in the Menu, which not only make the game complex but worth past time. You can Refer to Among Us Hack Apk for the game.

In the rapidly changing technology era, the Among Us Mod menu Apk has proven its worth. It has tackled all the required changes according to the needs of the player and yet kept the game interesting. Moreover, it kept on enticing the players’ interest. It has added many new features like Always imposter, Map, see ghosts of the deceased member, No ads and which are mentioned in the latter part.

Among Us Mod Menu Apk: Features

Following are the new menu options in the Among Us and hack for Among Us Mod Menu Apk which every player should know before-hand to play well.

1) Details – This feature of Among Us Hack Apk is more of a secret opener, as it gives you all the information of the other member, even their role as a mate or culprit. It leaves no fun in the play if you already know the imposter.
2) No-Kill chill now- In this, Among Us Mod Menu Apk you easily kill as many crewmates as you want to without worrying about the kill cooldown timer. So no more step backing go ahead and earn your victory.
3) Last Vote- With this Among Us hack Apk, you can end the meeting whenever you want. Imposter can use this to end the meeting when they are the ones getting the one out. With this, no one will be sent out of the plain instead the game will continue.
4) Move-in Meeting- This Among Us Mod Menu Apk provides you to initiate meetings whenever you want even without a kill, you can start the meeting from anywhere on the map. It is more used to distract or confuse the player.
5) Unlimited Emergency Meetings- Along with the Move in the meeting, now through Among Us hack Apk you can have unlimited meetings. which can be helpful to report the suspicious activities around.
6) No Meeting Cooldown- In the Among Us Mod Menu Apk, the cooldown code has been removed. With this now members can have as many meetings as they want and they don’t even have to wait from the time to arrange the next meeting.
7) No Door Cooldown- The door cooldown feature of Among Us hack Apk has also been removed as now imposter or crew mated don’t have to wait for cooldown timer to get over to re-lock it again.
8) Force All Enter and Leave Vent- This Among Us Mod menu Apk hack is a risky one, the player can also get blocked. Butt at the same time, it is quite funny as well. As with this hack, you can control the movement of the other players and make them do whatever you want to.
9) Sabotage Lights- The Among Us Mod Menu Apk feature provides a mischievous hack to the gamers. As you can deliberately damage other members’ sight and reduce their vision of minimal level. It is a perfect way to nag others. Or if you are an imposter you can use it in your favour while killing to save yourself from getting caught.
Likewise, this Among Us Hack Apk is also used to distract others. It is difficult to repair as well. As in the meantime, the imposter can do its deed and kill the crew member.
10) Repair Sabotage- Now for the crewmates, the repair is more beneficial for them. As they can initiate the Repair mode which will immediately repair all the sabotage done by the imposter. Among Us, Mod Menu Apk helps crewmate to easily destroy imposters plan.
11) Torch Distance- In this hack, it provides a rare view up to 0-15. It increases the gamer’s vision to warfare far distances they can easily see through the dark. It imposter try to sabotage your light. Among Us, Hack Apk will help you tackle that.
12) Close Doors- Remember, when we use to trap our friends/siblings in the room just for fun. Among Us, Mod Menu Apk provides you with the same thrill as you can lock all the doors or individual doors till you want. It also helps full to create a trap for the imposter, fascinating right? This game keeps on going better.
13) See Ghosts + Chat- This Among Us Mod Menu Apk creates a lot of problem for the imposter as previously we were unable to see the ghost or their conversation. But now in the Among Us Hack Mod Menu we can do both. So, now it is easier to find the culprit.14) Complete Tasks- In this, Among Us hack Apk, crew members can easily complete their assigned task in one click through the hack. But it comes at a risk as it is easily detectable, it might also lead to players getting ban from the server.
15) Spam Text During Killing- In the Among Us Mod menu Apk, you can use this hack and create a custom text. It will help you to immediately send the custom set text whenever you being an imposter kill someone.
16) Vote Adjuster- Vote Adjuster is helpful in a situation when other players vote against you to through you out of the ship. The player can go in Among Us Mod menu Apk and use it to adjust votes by nullifying the vote of whichever player they want.
17) Speed Hack- Among Us Hack Apk, speed hack helps you when it’s a run-for-life situation. Crewmates can run from the imposter and save themselves whereas imposter can speed up can catch their victim. It works both ways.
18) Always an Imposter- Finally, the most awaited hack of Among Us Mod Menu Apk is now out. All the imposter lovers would enjoy the hack. Now, the players can become imposter as many as the time they want to. Otherwise, they can also choose to be an imposter always.
19) End Game [Imposters or Crewmate Win]- The Among Us hack Apk provides you with the chance to win with one click. As you can click on the hack and it will instantly make you the winner whether you are an imposter or a crewmate.
20) Automatic Winning- The wining lovers can use the Among Us hack Apk to always become away by using this hack you can become the ultimate winner of all the Among Us Mod Menu Apk, with just one click.
21) Unlock Different Looks- Get ready, with the Among Us mod menu you can change your attires including the colour, hats and pets. Now change your character as you want.


22) Name Change- Wouldn’t it be funnier if you could change your crew mate’s name into something funnier. Yes! you guessed it right with this hack you can do so. By using the Among Us hack Mod Menu you can nag your mates by changing their name into something funnier.

23) No More Ads- Finally, in Among Us hack there will be no more of those annoying advertisements and disturbance between the games. You can easily concentrate on your play and winning.

24) Ejection- The hack provides the confirmed ejection in Among Us Mod Menu. Previously, only the host player could use it but now other players can also operate through the hack. Moreover, now when a player gets kicked from a ship it doesn’t pop up if that person was an imposter or not.

25) Far Distance Kill- It is beneficial for an imposter as they can murder a crewmate even from a far distance without going anywhere near. Among Us, Mod Menu Apk helps in reducing the chances of getting caught.

26) 2/3 Imposters- In the Among Us hack Apk, there can as many as imposters they want with a ratio of 2/3. So this means no more 1 imposter. It just means one thing more fun, more twist, and more thrill.

Installation Guide

  • Click on Download Button and Download Among File.
  • Download the ZIP file and save it in Phone Memory or SD Card.
  • Extract the zip file using password Themarketactivity
  • Install the APK (Don’t forget to Allow Unknown App Permission).
  • After Installing, Open among us mod.apk.
  • Enjoy Fully Unlocked APK now.


There are adds to different roles in Among Us MOD explained below


The first role is going to be the Assassin and his job is going to be to kill all crewmates and all imposters. If he’s The Last One Alive he wins and his role is a little bit special because since there’s only one assassin, he has to kill the imposters and the crewmate without being voted out. He is able to do stuff like-

Freeze cameras- He could freeze the camera while people were standing in front of it and kill in front of it and then the person would just see a blank screen.


The second role is going to be something different to it could be called The Changeling and that role is going to be able to switch to any role in the first round but as per rules, whoever they selected so if they selected the crewmate they become crewmate, they have to select an imposter to become an imposter. They swap roles with them. But then the person who has a changeling’s role gets the person that they gave it to it, now be a crewmate.


The next role is pretty obvious. This one has been popular and used in many mods, The Jester and they’re up to their objective that would just be to win by getting voted out. They get killed just like anyone else, they just die as if nothing happens, but if they get voted out that they win the entire game. There’s still going to be an imposter in this game.

But someone is also now going to be the jester. The Jester’s role is to try and get themselves voted out if they can do that successfully they win the game literally they win by dying. Now the Imposter is also going to be hanging around trying to kill everyone to win the game that way so this is going to make it very difficult.


Among Us, mods have added a new role the doctor. This doctor is on the crewmate’s side and is able to revive any dead bodies around the map. It doesn’t matter how old the body is as long as you are a doctor and you find a dead body you can revive it and of course, you got to be close to it. The only twist we have on this game mod is that if you die and then you get revived you’re not allowed to say who the imposter is.

Unless you witness him eliminating another player in front of you

Also, I don’t think they would ever add this many roles or have it be like you could use that many roles in like one match. If they were ever to add like many roles like that, they should do something for The Imposter too, as it’s becoming harder and harder for the imposter to win.


  • Which are the easily used hacks?

Ans: Among Us hack Apk provides many easily features but the most frequently used are- always an imposter, light sabotage, speeding, no-kill cool down.

  • Is the latest Mod Menu update safe?

Ans: Definitely, Among Us, Mod Menu Apk is not just safe but worth playing now.

  •  Is there ads in the Among Us Mod Menu?

Ans: One of the best features of the Among Us Mod Menu Apk is that there are no ad views on it. I am sure everyone uses to find it very annoying.

  •  Will Among Us get Ban?

Ans: No, so far there is no banned issue. It is said that there won’t be any ban for the Among Us Mod Menu Apk, even in the future.

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