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World Turtle Day 2021. Why It is Happening on 23 May? History and all Deets…

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World Turtle Day is a day to remember the mighty turtles and their significance in history, but also show that we need to do more.

World Turtles are one of the oldest reptile groups on Earth, dating back 200 million years ago during dinosaur times! There have been over 300 species identified around the world so far (129 endangered) with most people not knowing about them at all. That’s why for World Turtle Day this year there will be events taking place across America like ‘Turtle Trek,’ an event put together by Amphibian Ark showcasing how much time they spend caring for animals as well as educating children on conservation efforts needed for our planet’s future generations and teaching kids what it means to live sustainably while enjoying nature.”

World Turtles day 2021:

World Turtle Day is observed every year on May 23 with the purpose of educating people about the things that they can do to protect the habitats of turtles and tortoises. It is also a celebration of the joy that these reptiles bring to so many people on a daily basis.

World Turtle Day began in 1990 by the American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) with a husband and wife team. The nonprofit organization rescues all species of tortoises and turtles across America, as well as provides rehabilitation for them.World Turtle Day 2021. Why It is Happening on 23 May? History and all Deets...

On World Turtle Day, people all over the world celebrate in different ways. Some organizations plan events and activities for part of a day to preserve turtles while others go out into their communities and rescue them from roadsides or highways on this special occasion. Schools are also doing lessons with students about these amazing animals as they play an important role in our natural environment!


“The Turtle’s teachings are so beautiful. So very special. It teaches us that everything you are, everything you need and everything you bring to the world is inside you, not external, and you carry it with you and are not limited to a place, space or time.” -Eileen Anglin
“Nature is slow but sure; she works no faster than need be; she is the tortoise that wins the race by her perseverance.” -Henry David Thoreau
“We live in a culture full of hares, but the tortoise always wins.” -Dave Ramsey
“Take a walk with a turtle. And behold the world in pause.” -Bruce Feiler
“Try to be like the turtle at ease in your own shell.” -Bill Copeland
“Remember, slow and steady wins the race.” -Ieyasu Tokugawa

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