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Iran Arrests Chinese Man BRUTALY For Posting Bad Image of Iranian Women, Shocking

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Iranian authorities have arrested a Chinese man for allegedly posting pictures of women he met in Iran on social media without their consent.

In light of the #metoo movement, Iranian law enforcement has decided to crack down heavily on any would-be offenders who disrespect the privacy and dignity of people they meet within Iranian borders by taking photos or video footage with them without permission and then sharing it publicly online.

After being detained at a road toll booth in the city, authorities arrested an unnamed man. The prosecutor Ruhollah Dehqani told ILNA News Agency that he is currently under investigation for his connection to crimes against the state and people’s livelihoods.

Police detained an unidentified individual who has been accused of committing crimes against Iranian citizens’ welfare after pulling him over on suspicion of illegally destroying crops with poisonous chemicals near a highway around Tehran this week.

A man in Iran issued an apology on YouTube for bragging about his ability to meet Iranian women. He said he was sorry and that he deleted all the images of him with these ladies.Iran Arrests Chinese Man For Posting Bad Image of Iranian Women, Shocking

There is a strict ban on contact between unrelated men and women in Iran. There have been frequent crackdowns by authorities when people post images deemed immoral online, keeping the country under tight surveillance.

The Chinese foreign ministry, which is known to have close ties with Iran, did not respond immediately after being contacted by Reuters for comment.

The prosecutor adamantly defended the defendant and said many people had filed complaints against him. The case will be heard by a specialized court for issues of morality in Iran.

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