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Sign of Big WAR? Russian Ship Fires Warning shots at UK warship in Black Sea

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A British warship that sailed into Russian waters, in defiance of Moscow’s warnings to stay out was forced away by a warning shot and bomb drop from the Russians. This is not something we see happen often during these days so tense between Russia and NATO members like Britain – it may be time for tensions to cool down before they are really flare up.

The Russian warship fired warning shots and a warplane dropped bombs Wednesday to force the British destroyer from waters near Crimea in the Black Sea. This incident marked the first time since World War II that Moscow used live ammunition to deter NATO warships, reflecting soaring Russia-West tensions.

The U.K.’s Royal Navy ship was at the center of a standoff with Russia when it ignored warnings to not enter Russian waters, but responded in tweets that they were actually within Ukrainian territory as per international law.

The U.K’s Royal Navy Ship has been involved in an ongoing dispute with neighboring Russia after refusing to leave its territorial water and instead of sailing into Ukraine soil without consent from their government – which is internationally recognized by multiple sources such as the United Nations Convention on Law of Sea (UNCLOS)

, Sign of Big WAR?
This photo released on Thursday, April 22, 2021 by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service, shows a Russian military vehicle preparing to be loaded into a plane for airborne drills during maneuvers in Crimea. The Russian military is conducting massive drills in Crimea involving dozens of navy ships and thousands of troops in a show of force amid tensions with Ukraine. The maneuvers were described as the largest since Russia annexed Ukraine’s Black Sea peninsula in 2014 and threw its weight behind separatist insurgents in eastern Ukraine. (Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP)

In 2014, Russia annexed Ukraine’s the Crimean Peninsula in a move that was not recognized by most countries. The Russian government has chafed at NATO warships visits near Crimea casting them as destabilizing and threatening to their interests there. However, Turkey, Greece Romania, and Bulgaria are all on the Black Sea making it increasingly difficult for Russia to control who can come ashore within viewing distance of the peninsula. With three out of four ships originating from these nations present during recent visits this leaves only one nation-the the United States -to grant nearby access with its own naval vessels coming up short when compared against visitors from other parts of Europe.

Western leaders criticized Russia during the G7 and NATO summits last week for its aggressive behavior. On Wednesday, Moscow Conference on International Security opened with a speech by Sergei Shoigu, the Russian defense minister who believes it is his country that faces a growing threat from the West – American bombers fly near the borders of Russia & ever-larger exercises are conducted by Western forces in Ukraine’s proximity. However, he does not want to see Belarus go away or have Kyiv come closer to NATO because these countries share geographical positions which would help disrupt their efforts if they wanted to attack each other.

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