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Is Daybreak season 2 cancelled? When it released date out? Cast, Plot, Updates, Revealed

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DAYBREAK SEASON 2 an interesting and amazing comedy-horror TV series that had put the fun back into the apocalypse in 2019 was Netflix’s post-apocalyptic series, Daybreak. After an enjoyable first season, many viewers and subscribers will have a huge heartbreak to know that after only one season Netflix has canceled Daybreak.

Hence we can say that Daybreak is ended.


Daybreak is a TV series of a comic of the same name Daybreak written by Brain Ralph who is an American cartoonist. It is a comedy-drama. The comic had got a lot of popularity, hence by this everyone was sure that its drama series will also get the same popularity. And it has to gain lots of popularity.

Basically, the story is about a boy and his classmates who fight against the zombies after the apocalypse. After the apocalypse, all adults transform into zombies, and only teenagers were left normal, and these teenagers fight with zombies to save themselves.

It is an American post-apocalyptic, comedy, adventure drama TV series which is created by Bard Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite. Its first series was premiered in October 2019.

So, let’s see about the daybreak season 2. Will daybreak season 2 come? When its release date will announce? So, to find out the answers to these questions, let’s go into detail.

let’s first start with the story of its first season.DAYBREAK SEASON 2


If you have watched the series earlier then no doubt you know what is the story of daybreak is about. But somehow if it has skipped from your mind, then I will remind you again.

It is a TV series on Netflix. It is a comedy, horror drama series based on a comic by the same name Daybreak. Basically, it’s a story in which teenagers try to survive among the zombies at a time when the whole world is going to end.

It’s is an apocalyptic drama in which shows a 17 years-old boy named Josh Wheeler who is a transfer student of Canadian high school who is searching for his missing girlfriend Sam in post-apocalypse. In the series, it is shown that there is apocalyptic in California after which all the adults turn into a zombie-like creature called Ghoulies, and only the teenagers were left normal. now all the teenagers start to fight with these Ghoulies to survive among these Ghoulies.

If you like to read comics or if it is your hobby or you like to watch comic-based drama or series then you will find this drama a little bit different from other zombies comic.

As in the drama Daybreak, there is a small twist that in this drama everyone not turns into ghoulies only adults get transformed.

Till now if you haven’t watched the series or read the comic Daybreak then I will recommend you to first read the comic and then watch the series as by this it will be easy for you to understand the series, and then you will find it more interesting.



According to my, Daybreak is an interesting show. As I have watched it and I had also read its comic so I found it very interesting. And I also found it worthy to watch Daybreak and it is not a time waste.

And If you like horror-comedy shows, then you should watch them because their characters are fabulous. All characters have an important role in the series.

Even its tone will take you to Zombieland in various ways.


In  Daybreak season 2 there will be lots of twists and turns throughout the series.  Season  1 shows a happy ending as teenagers successfully launch a nuclear bomb at the mesosphere. As all were celebrating the victory. Meanwhile, Josh expresses his feelings to Sam but Sam rejected him openly.

After six months of an apocalypse, Josh was one of the few who survive in the post-apocalypse and he didn’t have any change in him.

Now in daybreak season 2, Sam will turn into a villain and she decided to take the apocalypse by its hypothetical balls and declare herself as the leader of jocks.  In daybreak season 2 basically, there will be a concept of “everything is fair in love and war”. As in season 1, Josh was ready for love but in season 2 Sam turns into a villain.

But sadly we will not be able to see Sam in action.


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As season 1 of daybreak had to get lots of popularity so its fans were eagerly waiting for daybreak season 2.

But there is the saddest news for the fans of Daybreak that Netflix has canceled daybreak season 2. Well, it is officially announced that there will be no other season of Daybreak on Netflix. It is sad news for fans that daybreak season 2 is not coming.

Hence by this, we can conclude that Daybreak has ended.


As now we came to the end so I must say that you should watch the  Daybreak series. As it is a very interesting and amazing series. Its tone will take you to the real Zombieland.

Yes, it is little bit parallels to its comic, the tone is vastly different. As series includes lots of dark-comedy. there also has lots of camp freaky fun to go with it.

No doubt the comic Daybreak written by Brain Ralph is an excellent comic, but its Tv series is also very interesting and fabulous.

So, you should watch its season 1 at least once, you will really enjoy it.

But it may hurt you at the end as now there is no second season of the Daybreak series. But still, we can hope for the best. as we don’t know what will happen in the future.

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  • Why was Daybreak season 2 canceled?

  • Where to watch Daybreak season 2?

  • Daybreak season 2 release date?


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