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If you like to watch any kind of psychological thriller series or TV show then you can go for Gypsy. Gypsy is an American psychological thriller web series that airs on Netflix on June 30, 2017.

It is created by Lisa Rubin. Basically, the story is of a psychologist who secretly interferes in the private lives of her patients.

And get intimate with one of her patient ex-girlfriends. Her dual relationship affects her both relationships and her life becomes too complicated.

Till now it has only one season and everyone is wondering when  Gypsy season 2 will come out.

So, here I have done some research to know when will Gypsy season 2 will release. So, you people can rely on my research to get the answer regarding  Gypsy season 2. Here you will also get to know some important aspects of the series.


Gypsy season 2

The story revolves around a life of a psychologist named Jean, who is rich, happily married, and has a child. Jean with her husband Michael in a York city apartment. They both husband and wife were very busy in their lives and careers.

As the story continues it shows that despite having everything one desires, Jean gets bored with her perfect life and she tries to do some excitement.

As Jean gets bored of her perfect life, she starts to take an interest in her patient’s lives. Then she meets Sidney, who is the ex-girlfriend of her patient Sam.

After this, her relationship with Sidney affects her marriage to Michael. As the story continues, Jean gets obsessed with Sidney and her relationship with Sidney affects her marriage life with Michael a lot.

Now as her relationship with Michael gets affected, Jean finds herself alone in her own house. Meanwhile, day by day her interest in Sidney increases more and more. However story continues and Jean and Sidney’s relationship also continues and as they come closer to each other, Sidney loses faith in Jean, who kept her married life secret.

Now as show progress, Jean’s dual life gets too much complicated and threatens to decay her relationship with Michael, Sidney as well as her patients.


  • Naomi Watts as Jean Holloway, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in New York City.
  • Billy Crudup is Michael Holloway, Jean’s husband, and a partner at cooper. Woolf and Stein.
  • Sophie Cookson is Sidney Pierce,  Sam’s ex-girlfriend, and lusts for Jean.
  • Karl Glusman as Sam Duff, patient of Jean and Sidney ex-boyfriend.
  • Poorna Jagannathan as Larin Inamdar, divorced therapist and Jean’s best friend and colleague.
  • Brook Bloom as Rebecca Rogers. Clarie’s estranged daughter.
  • Lucy Boynton is Allison Adams, Jean’s patient and a former college student who is addicted to drugs.
  • Melain Liburd as Alexis Wright Michael personal assistant(PA).
  • Brenda Vaccaro as Claire Rogers, patient of Jeans.
  • Kimberly Quinn as Holly Faitelson.
  • Edward Akrout as Zal.
  • Blythe Dinner is Nancy Jean’s mother.
  • Frank Deal as Gary Levine.
  • Shiloh Fernandez as Tom.
  • Evan Hoty Thompson as Frances.
  • Maren Heary as Dolly Holloway.
  • Vardaan Arora as Raj.
  • Erin Neufer as Emily.
  • Kerry Condon as Melissa Saugraves.


Gypsy season 2

After watching I personally feel the story was too weak. Also, the show is let down by its uninspired writing, poor dialogue, and the lack of charm which Jean exhibits.

According to my, the show is not so interesting, as it has a very weak story and with its weak psychological elements it fails to impress.

So I will say it has a very simple story. So according to me, it is not worth watching it, it is just a waste of time.


There is no doubt that Netflix has been extremely harsh in its take on Gypsy. According to the review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes Gypsy got only 38% after 40 reviews, which is very poor.

Gypsy also fails to impress IMDb. According to the sources, IMDb rates Gypsy only 6.9/10, based on over 11,500 voters.

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Gypsy season 2According to the sources, Gypsy season 1 was on air on Netflix on June 30, 2017, and got very poor reviews from critics. Previously Netflix was read to broadcast Gypsy season 2 as it was already in talks with producers about a Gypsy season 2.

According to that writer, the show had already begun to write the story of the Gypsy season 2, but at the fourth weak after the end of Gypsy season, 1 Netflix announced its decision to cancel Gypsy season 2.

Now it has been more than two years of Gypsy season 1 and there is no news about Gypsy season 2. According to the sources now Netflix has to cancel Gypsy season 2 and it seems unlikely that Netflix will change its decision.

Thus, we can say that Gypsy has ended after its first season, and there is only hope to return it if any other network picks it up or if Netflix changes its mind anyhow.


Gypsy season 2

As of now, there is no Gypsy season 2. But if you people are interested in the story of Gypsy and want to watch its first season and its trailer so you can watch it on Netflix and you will enjoy it as it is not so bad.


As now we come to the end of the article I must say that the Gypsy season was not so good but can be watched once. The story is quite boring and also has very poor dialogues. So will never recommend watching it, as according in me it is totally a waste of time.

But if you like to watch any thriller kind of show so you can watch it once.

I don’t like any thriller show or movie so I didn’t like it, but anyone who loves to watch thriller shows then they can go for this show.

So at the end of the article, I want to tell you that the show Gypsy has ended after its first season only and there will be no other season of Gypsy, as Netflix has officially announced that it canceling the show Gypsy.

But the show can return if any other Network takes it up or anyhow Netflix changes its mind.

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1.Is Netflix canceled Gypsy season2?

Yes, Netflix has canceled Gypsy season 2.

2. Where is Gypsy filmed on Netflix?

New York City.

3. How old is Nomi Watts?

52 years ( 28 September 1968).


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