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Alinity Divine: Alinity Age, Bio, Networth, Lifestyle, Relationship, Secret Affairs

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Alinity Divine grew up in the Colombian city of Cali. In 2012, she began streaming on social media sites for the first time. Her Twitch account was launched in 2014, and her username was inspired by her favourite game, World of Warcraft. Her Twitch account has approximately 1.1 million followers as of August 2020. Know about Alinity Age is here

Alinity discussed her personal life in a joint broadcast with fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif on August 5, 2020, before achieving Twitch popularity. After Mizkif praised Alinity’s mental toughness, the streamer admitted that her life before the internet had been anything but easy, admitting that her father had been incarcerated as a youngster for his involvement with Colombian drug cartels and that she had nearly died due to an eating issue.

In this article, you will know about age, bio, content, her controversies etc. Read below to know more about her.

Alinity age

Who is Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon?

Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon is a Twitch gamer most known for her live streaming channel, where she streams videos of herself playing games like World of Warcraft, from which her alias ‘Alinity’ is derived.
Alinity age is 33 years, she was born in Colombia and now lives in Canada. Alinity was born in January 1988.

She started streaming full-time in 2012 and has already acquired a following of one million people.

Mogollon also has a substantial social media following, with 306,000 Instagram followers, over 120,000 Twitter followers, and 149,000 YouTube subscribers.



Alinity began streaming on Twitch in December 2012, and her first YouTube video was released in April 2013. She is well-known for her Apex Legends broadcasting. She began producing cooking-related videos on March 3, 2021.

Personal life

Valentina Mogollon is her younger sister, and she has one brother. Maya and Milo, her two cats, are her pets. She also owns two dogs. She also holds a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada and has worked as a nurse for over four years.

Alinity age is 33 years old.

Controversies of Alinity

Alinity age

PewDiePie’s Copyright-Striking
Alinity asked her Twitch stream in May 2018 if she could copyright-strike PewDiePie’s channel for referring to her as a Twitch thot. She also brags about generating $700 using a company called CollabDRM, which specialises in copyright-infringing YouTube videos. Alinity criticised ‘rampant sexism in online groups’ in a later-deleted Twitter statement, claiming that PewDiePie’s comments insulted women.

Then, in a video titled ‘Can we copyright-strike Pewdiepie,’ PewDiePie apologises for insulting her and claims that his goal with his videos is never to offend people, and that ‘stupid Twitch Thots’ was merely a joke. The video of PewDiePie was copyrighted.

Then Alinity responded with a video, blaming CollabDRM for removing PewDiePie’s video. Following that, Alinity’s video reaction was taken down by someone who went by the moniker ‘Pewdiepie,’ but it wasn’t PewDiePie who did it. The erroneous strike has been removed.

PewDiePie released a video titled ‘BAN PEWDIEPIE’ a few days later, in which he attacks Alinity’s content and claims, “I didn’t say anything until I was forced to defend myself.” Alinity’s awful actions and remarks were met with backlash on the internet. It’s ludicrous to reflect on myself and my community. She continues to play the victim because she can get away with it. Twitch has a long history of favouring female streamers. ‘Take a break from streaming for a few days because you’re not helping the problem.’

Alinity was interviewed by Dr K from HealthyGamerGG in July 2020, and she stated that she and PewDiePie are currently on good terms. On a Livestream, PewDiePie responded to the interview by saying that he doesn’t care if he and Alinity get along, as long as she owns up to her past faults. PewDiePie commented on the dispute involving the two on a Reddit post in September 2020, claiming that she messaged him privately to settle their beef. He also advises people to stop bringing up the incident because it occurred many years ago.

Alinity age is 33 years old.

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Abusing her cat

Alinity age

Alinity was accused of mistreating her pets, particularly her cat, in 2019. Viewers on the stream witnessed her fling the cat from her shoulder at one point. She has stated that she did not throw the cat; rather, she attempted to place the cat on top of her chair, but the cat fell.

What is Alinity age? Alinity age is 33 years old. She was born in Columbia and now lives in Canada.

Feeding her cat vodka

An old video from her broadcast surfaced in which she allegedly served liquor to her cat. The cat, she claims, was the one that licked her lips. She’s also claimed that she used to feed the cat from her own lips while she was inebriated, so there are no excuses.

She was born in Columbia and now lives in Canada. What is Alinity age? Alinity age is 33 years old


In August of this year, she allegedly shouted the N-word live stream. Some defended her, claiming that it was because of her accent, which sounded similar to ‘Nick your,’ rather than the term itself.

Nip Slip

During a live stream in April 2020, Alinity was trying to slip a pillow beneath her shirt when she accidentally pulled it up, revealing her left nipple for a fleeting second. Many individuals were offended by her behaviour and demanded that she be banished. Until she inquired herself, the Twitch staff did not take any action. A few days later, she returned to the platform.

Marriage Fraud

In May 2018, she admitted to marrying a Canadian and then divorcing him to gain citizenship and return to Colombia. She, on the other hand, refuses to reply to any criticism directed at her as a result of this.

What is Alinity age?

What is Alinity age? Alinity is 33 years old, she was born in January 1988. She was born in Columbia and now lives in Canada. Divine studied nursing at the University of Saskatchewan during her time in Canada.

Did you get enough information about Alinity age? Would you like to read more about Alinity age? Did I miss out on anything about Alinity age? Comment below and let us know.

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Q- Why is Alinity hated so much?

Ans- This isn’t the only or even the most serious criticism levelled at Alinity. She has been accused of torturing her cat on several occasions in the past. Because the cat had decided to meddle with her game/stream, she hurled her pet without even looking where it would fall.

Q- How much does Alinity make a year?

Ans- Regardless, Alinity’s Twitch earnings are expected to be between $6000 and $20,000 per month or roughly $100,000 per year.

Q- Did Alinity get deported?

Ans- Basically, it appears that Alinity is confessing to committing fraud to enter Canada via a Twitch video. After someone reported her to the Canadian government in an attempt to deport her, she later denied such was the case.

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