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You have come to the right place to know about Chain Chronicle Anime Gameplay. Is SEASON 2 COMING?

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Let’s begin with the introduction of Chain Chronicle Anime

Who does not like fantasy? Who would not want to just forget the reality of their lives for few hours and immerse in a completely different anime world? Chain Chronicle anime would do just that for you!

The fantasy genre in anime is quite popular so we have brought another anime with various mythical creatures in a supernatural world to amuse you.

Chain Chronicle anime is also known as Chein Kuronikuru in Japanese is animated by Jūmonji and directed by Takeshi Mori. This anime series was produced inspired by the Chain Chronicle video game and it was released on 18th December 2014.

Chain Chronicle Anime

The anime is based on a mythical continent named Yggdra where not only lived humans but also many creatures like giants, ogres, forest sprites, and many more. Despite the differences, the whole land lived peacefully under the rule of The Holly King.

But one day, a group of people called the Black Army shows up in Yggdra and starts a war to conquer the land. The Holy King was sadly killed by the Black Army and his troops were also defeated after fighting a long war.

The continent was on the verge of destruction but one man named Yuri decides to from his own Volunteer Army and fight back against the Black Army to bring back the peace on Yggdra.

What was the real identity of this man? How did he form his own army? Did he win against the Black Army? You need to watch Chain Chronicle anime to know the full story!

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But before getting into the show you should get to know the basic information about its characters first –

We have the main character who led the army and fought for Yggdra – Yuri which was voiced by Akira Ishida, the Black King Eirenus was voiced by Manami Numakura, the main heroine of this series is Phiena which was voiced by Ayane Sakura. You will get familiar with to rest of the characters as the show proceeds.

Chain Chronicle Anime

Is Chain Chronicle Anime based on the video game?

Chain Chronicle anime is actually based on the Chain Chronicle role-playing video game. It was developed by Sega and by 16th July 2014, it was released on all platforms including iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita.

This game has 3 gameplay elements which are – tower defense, role-playing, and card trading. The player can tap on any towns to enter but before entering they would need to fight a battle with the army.

This game got extremely popular in Japan and currently, it has over 4.3 ratings on Play Store and over 1.11 million downloads.

Although this game was loved by everyone, Sega announced that they would be taking it down from everywhere, the reason is still unknown. This news did come as a shock to many people but they chose to say goodbye peacefully.

More Facts about Chain Chronicle Anime

There is no doubt that Chain Chronicle Anime and Video Games were loved by fans immensely. So that is why later it was announced that a film trilogy would be making its way to the theatres by the end of the year 2014.

And surely on 18th December 2014, the first part of Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas was released. The second part was released next year and the film series ended on 11th February 2017 with the release of its third and last movie.

All the 12 episodes of Chain Chronicle Anime and the 3 movies are currently available online on Crunchyroll. And there are also rumors going around about the release of Chain Chronicle Anime season 2 after a Facebook post made by the official page of the anime series.

Chain Chronicle Anime

Have you watched Chain Chronicle Anime? Did you like it? What are your expectations from season 2? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chain Chronicle Anime

Where can you play chain Chronicle and will it come back?

Chain Chronicle Android App in the Google Play Store. While it’s not a 100 percent confirmation, it does appear that Chain Chronicle is close to making that comeback, judging by a recent social media post from the official Chain Chronicle Facebook account.


What is Chain Chronicle anime about?

Plot Summary: This is the story of the Chain Chronicle, a book that describes everything that happens in the world. The citizens of the remote continent of Yggd once thought that there was nothing beyond their continent. The continent was divided into several regions, each with its own king.


Who is the main character of chain Chronicle anime?

Volunteer Army
Known also as Hero (主人公, Shujinkō), he is the main character of the story. A Warrior-Class Swordsman and Leader of the Volunteer Army, he is guided by the sprite Pirika to protect Phoena from the Black Army as well as discovering the mysteries behind the book she’s carrying.


What is the difference between chain Chronicle movies and TV?

From what I’ve heard, the content is the same. The TV version has an opening and ending for each episode. The movies are presented on Crunchyroll as 12 “episodes” (4 for each movie) but they don’t have those individual OPs and EDs for each segment.



How many seasons are there in chain Chronicles?

The 12 episodes of the TV series retells the same story of the movie trilogy, each divided into 4 episodes. The “Chapter List” table from Japanese Wikipedia shows the overlapping between each volume of the movie with the TV episodes: episode 1-4 (vol. 1), episode 5-8 (vol. 2).

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What happened to chain Chronicle?

A Gumi representative posted the news on the official Chain Chronicle forums today. Effective immediately, the game has been removed from the App Store and Google Play Store, and there will be no more sales of Prysma, however, players can continue to use Prysma they currently have.

For more info:

Are you ready for Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas? Watch its trailer first!

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