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Magi Adventure of Sinbad Season 2 COMING SOON? Release Date CONFIRMED? Let’s find out!

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Get to know more about Magi Adventure of Sinbad seasons 2 and 1

We all have seen Aladdin and how he wanted to show Jasmine all the world on his carpet. Aren’t you bored of it? But what if you can watch it with a twist? Which is more adventurous, has more action and most of all it is an anime!

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad is a Japanese manga series which is also known as Magi Shindobaddo no Bōken in Japanese. It was illustrated by Yoshifumi Ohtera and written by Shinobu Ohtaka.

This manga series has a total of 19 volumes which were published from September 2013 to April 2018. It is originally a spin-off version of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic.

When the news went around that this manga would be adapted as a 13-episode anime series in 2016, the fans were very really excited since they were not satisfied with the previous 5-episode short animation version of Magi: Adventure of Sinbad.

Magi Adventure of Sinbad Season 2

But the actual plot of the story differs from the fairy-tale of Aladdin. The plot revolves around a boy Sinbad who is the heir of the King of Sindria. Unfortunately, he loses his father in a war very young and his mother also falls sick.

During helping local villagers, he bumps into Yunan who tells him about the Dungeon “Baal”. Whoever wins this would get the treasure and would become the ultimate Dungeon Capturer but he has to fight against the Parthevian noble. But who actually wins? You have to watch Magi: Adventure of Sinbad.

He comes home last time to meet his mother and starts his new journey to change the world. Everyone has been waiting to watch more adventures of Sinbad in Magi Adventure of Sinbad season 2.

Magi Adventure of Sinbad Season 2

When is Magi Adventure of Sinbad season 2 releasing?

Since the premiere of the last episode, fans have to wait for Magi Adventure of Sinbad season 2. They want to explore different adventures and go on this journey to change the world with Sinbad.

But according to sources, no official news has been announced yet regarding Magi Adventure of Sinbad season 2. But don’t let your hopes down! We all know that there is still so much content left to cover from the manga that the creators have to make another season.

We are all waiting for a confirmed release date of Magi Adventure of Sinbad season 2. But if you still have not watched the first season yet, you can watch it on Netflix or Hulu.

The cast from the first season is: Daisuke Ono as Sinbad, Tomokazu Sugita as Drakon, Takahiro Sakurai as Jafar, and most other voice actors are expected to continue in Magi Adventure of Sinbad Season 2 as well.

Magi Adventure of Sinbad Season 2 expectations, previous response & more!

The audience greatly received this anime. They loved the relationship Sinbad had with his parents and his passion to save the world. While on the other side, the villain of the series “Drakon” also made some fans.

The fans were furious when they found out that Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Manga would not be releasing more volumes anymore. They were just hoping that the same doesn’t happen to the anime series and they would get a justified ending in the Magi Adventure of Sinbad season 2.

Netflix has not announced any news regarding the renewal of a second season but expectations from it have already been raised. Some fans wanted to see more mythical characters in the upcoming journey of Sinbad while other people expected the appearance of a sidekick for Sindbad.

Whatever the plot would be for the second season, we know that it will again force us to be on the edge of our seats like last time and would be much more entertaining!

Magi Adventure of Sinbad Season 2

Have you watched Magi Adventure of Sinbad? What are your expectations from Magi Adventure of Sinbad season 2? We would love to hear your opinions so do let us know in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions about Magi Adventure of Sinbad Season 2

Is Magi Adventures of Sinbad Season 2 coming?

Unfortunately, Season 2 has not yet been confirmed, despite there being more than enough source material in the form of the manga series, which ran up to 2018. Our best guess is that in the unlikely scenario of the anime getting renewed, the Magi Adventure of Sinbad season 2 release date could be sometime in 2020 or 2021.


Was Magi canceled?

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Manga Ended. So on August 19 of 2019, the last manga volume of Magi was published. After that, tons of fans were angry that their favorite manga was not going to continue. The reason why the manga has to be ahead of the anime is that a big chunk of the money is made from the manga.


Should I watch Sinbad before Magi?

Magi: Sinbad no Bouken is a prequel to the first two seasons. Therefore, I would recommend watching Sinbad no Bouken before Labyrinth of Magic and Kingdom of Magic. If you’re interested in the Magi series, you will definitely enjoy the first two seasons.


How strong is Sinbad Magi?

He is extremely skilled in swordplay, as well as Magoi Manipulation and decent martial arts skills. He is most notable halfway fallen into depravity, enabling him to use black Magoi as well as white Magoi. Sinbad has the most Djinn in his possession than anyone in the series, about 7 Djinn in total.


Who is the new king of Sindria?

Sharrkan Amun-Ra is one of the Eight Generals of the Sindria Kingdom and Alibaba Saluja’s swordsmanship teacher. He was a former Prince of Heliohapt Kingdom and lived in exile in Sindria. He’s currently the new King of the Heliohapt Kingdom. Master Swordsman: Sharrkan is an extremely powerful master swordsman.


For more info:

we don’t know when is Magi Adventure of Sinbad’s season 2 release, but we do know that season 1 is already here and you should check out the trailer.

And for more updates like this, check out our entertainment blog The Market Activity.


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