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Are you also waiting for Mr. Iglesias season 4? Confirmed? Coming in 2021? Know the Latest Updates

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Catching up on Mr. Iglesias seasons 1 & 2!

Our lives already have so much drama and suspense in it so if you’re also looking for a feel-good show, Mr. Iglesias is here for you with its fourth season!

Mr. Iglesias is an American comedy TV series with a total of 21 episodes combining all the seasons. The first season was premiered on Netflix on 21st June 2019 with 10 episodes and then it was renewed for a second season which was premiered on 17th June 2020 and had two parts

Know all about Mr. Iglesias season 4 here

Mr. Iglesias season 4

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Gabriel Iglesias stars in this series as Gabe Iglesias who is also one of its executive producers. The story revolves around Gabe who teaches history in Woodrow Wilson high school and is a jolly teacher.

He teaches students who are said to be ‘misfits’ and tries to solve their problems and help them to display their true potential. This show is a must-watch as it’s funny, thoughtful, greatly executed, purely wholesome and it has our favorite stand-up comedian Fluffy!

Apart from Gabriel, the main cast of this show is – Sheri Shepherd as Paula Madison (The principal), Jacob Vargas as Tony Ochoa (Gabe’s best friend and honors history teacher), and the students are played by Gloria Aung, Cree Cicchino, Fabrizio Guido, Tucker Albrizzi and a few more that are most likely continued to be seen in Mr. Iglesias season 4 as well.

The first season covered different stories of students like saving Lorenzo from bullying, stopping Mikey from dropping out of high school, dating advice to Paula, and many more! That is why we can’t wait to watch Gabe in action and solving problems in Mr. Iglesias season 4. We all wish we had someone like him in our high school!

When is Mr. Iglesias season 4 releasing?

Mr. Iglesias season 4

After a massive success of previous seasons, Netflix has renewed the contract for this show for the third time. So you will be able to watch Mr. Iglesias season 4 on Netflix from 8th December 2021. It will consist of 10 episodes probably the same timing as the previous ones.

The shooting for the show is still going on so if you want to be updated about Mr. Iglesias season 4 you can check out their Instagram which is @mriglesiasnetflix which has over 142K followers.

The first and second seasons had many guest appearances from stars like Megyn Price as Jessica Dobbs (Walt’s mother), Rob Pearson as Jim the janitor, Joel McHale as Danny (Abby’s ex-fiancé), and many more! Hopefully, we would able to see some new faces in Mr. Iglesias season 4 with our favorite familiar ones.

Are you also excited to watch this series? Who do you think will make an appearance in Mr. Iglesias season 4? Let us know in the comments down below!

How did the audience react to the show?

Mr. Iglesias season 4

There is no doubt that Gabriel Iglesias is an insanely talented comedian and his stand-ups are loved by many people as they have more than millions of views. So when he announced this show, the fans were delighted to see him in a Netflix original.

Being used to the atmosphere of a live audience, Gabriel didn’t hesitate to shoot his show in front of a live audience and it went great! But due to COVID-19, we don’t think Mr. Iglesias season 4 would have a live audience but it will definitely have some new hilarious chaos.

This is not just a regular comedy TV series, it also covers many important topics like racial discrimination, bullying, mental health, addiction, career guidance, etc. and people were happy that they are being discussed openly to guide our future generations.

It has also helped a few parents to understand their children and what struggles they have to go through in today’s modern society. It also talks about addiction to alcohol and gambling and how they overcome these habits.

It is an ultimate comfort show for many teens as they could relate to them and personally speaking if we had a teacher like Mr. Iglesias we would go to school even on weekends! And we cannot wait anymore for Mr. Iglesias season 4.

As the show is gaining popularity, expectations from Mr. Iglesias season 4 has been increasing as well and we hope Mr. Iglesias season 4 will not disappoint us.

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Mr. Iglesias season 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Mr. Iglesias season 3 has only 5 episodes?

Season 3 only had five episodes because it was split from Season 2, which only had six episodes. The second and third seasons of Mr. Iglesias are actually the second and third parts of the show.


Will there be any more episodes of Mr. Iglesias?

What will Mr. Iglesias season 4 be about? No plot details have been teased for the return of Mr. Iglesias yet as it hasn’t been renewed. However, the star of the show recently opened up to TV Insider about how he wants the series to tackle the current coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.


Is Mr. Iglesias filmed in front of a live audience?

Netflix hit Mr. Iglesias starring Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias is insanely good, and that is due in part to filming in front of a live audience. The series has a fantastic writing team and a stellar cast, and the audience is the final piece that makes everything work so well.


Where do they film Mr. Iglesias?

CBS Studio Centre. A new Netflix comedy starring comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias as a good-natured public high school teacher who works at his alma mater, Mr. Iglesias will be shot at CBS Studio Centre in Studio City.


Who is Mr. Iglesias girlfriend?

Elora Casados is the new girlfriend of our favorite history teacher. Elora Casados as Jackie (season 2), the new guidance counselor, and Gabe’s new love interest. They begin to officially date in season 2. Casados makes her acting debut after serving as the set customer for the series.

For more info:

Before watching Mr. Iglesias season 4, catch up on the vibe of this school and look at the Season 3 trailer.

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