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Death Parade Season 2 Really Confirmed?: Release Date, Plot, Spoilers, Update and everything.

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Death Parade is a Japanese psychological anime series that had been composed, directed, and created by Yuzuru Tachikawa and was under the production of the anime studio Madhouse. And fans are desperately waiting for Death Parade Season 2.

Death Parade Season 2

The anime series is an adaptation of a short film titled Death Billiards which was also produced by Madhouse in the course of Young Animator Training Project’s Anime Mirai 2013 and premiered on 2nd March 2013.

Two years following the release of the short film the first season of Death Parade debuted on the screens on 9th January 2015. The television series concluded with the finale episode of the first season on 27th March 2015.

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Death Parade Season 2

Death Parade Season 2: Release Date|When Will It Happen?

Death Parade aired its first season in January 2015 and it’s already been over six years since then and there have been no official announcements given neither by the makers nor by the studio house regarding the release date of Death Parade Season 2.

It has been reported that the creators of the anime series are currently dealing with various issues so the production of Death Parade Season 2 is still uncertain. One of the primary reasons which have disrupted Death Parade Season 2 is the lack of story and script. As it is already known that Death Parade is based on the short movie Death Billiards which has been produced by Madhouse, there is a limited plot for the creators to work with since the first season of Death Parade covered pretty much the entire storyline from Death Billiards. This has created a huge hindrance for the makers to create Death Parade Season 2 since they nothing much left of the source material.

Madhouse was already a known label among the anime watchers since it has produced some major hit anime series such as Death Note and One-Punch Man as well as Hunter x Hunter, to name a few. So it was not a surprising sight when Death Parade managed to create a massive uproar among the audience and shortly gained a spot as one of the most popular anime series.

Owing to Death Parade’s ever-increasing popularity, back in 2016 Madhouse announced the production of Death Parade Season 2. However, the news regarding the sequel season remains to be unknown and it is acknowledged to still be in development. Regardless, the impatient fans have already started spewing various theories regarding such a long delay on the release of Death Parade Season 2.

We have to also accept the fact that not much original anime television series get a second chance to see the light of the day. On the other hand, for Death Parade Season 2 to go into production the creators will have to develop a new storyline for the sequel which will somehow have to be related to the finale episode of the first season.

Fortunately, many elements in the first season can be useful for writer Yuzuri Tachikawa to create a plotline for the sequel season. Unlike many original series, Death Parade has a chance to return with a sequel. But again these are just assumptions and if miraculously Death Parade Season 2 does happen then we can expect it to be released in the upcoming two or three years.

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Death Parade Season 2

Death Parade Season 2: Plot and Storyline| Spoilers

Madhouse’s famous anime Death Parade has a quite original and unique plotline that takes us on a thrilling ride into the world of the afterlife.

The anime television series revolves around the realm called Death Parade which is one of the mysterious bars where people are taken to after their death. These strang bars are ruled by arbiters who serve as the bartenders and also threaten the people to take part in Death Games and the results of these games will decide the ultimate fate of their souls.

Death Parade mainly follows the story of Decim, who is also an arbiter and works on the fifteenth floor of a bar named Quindecin bar where the deceased people are sent. Soon we witness Decim crossing paths with an odd black-haired woman, Chiyuki who is also among the dead people. As the anime progresses, Decim gradually starts developing human feelings for Chiyuki.

Besides that, we get to see Nona who oversees and operates the structures of the bartenders and arbiters in the Death Parade world. We also get to know Oculus who scrutinized the working of all the floors and is also the maker of the arbitration system that exists in the afterlife. Regardless, in the last episode of the series, it is indicated that Oculus is only a puppet in the Death Parade world and someone else pulls the string over there. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who is that someone.

If Death Parade Season 2 does happen we can expect more details on the origin and the past life of Decim. It can also be based on Decim or other arbiters who acquire other human feelings. The second installment can also possibly follow the other bars that are on various floors in the Death Parade world.

Frequently asked questions:

A. Is Death Parade Season 2 officially canceled?

As of now, there are official announcements neither by the makers nor by the producers regarding the future of the Death Parade.

B. Where can we watch all the seasons of Death Parade?

Presently, Death Parade has aired only one season which is comprised of twelve episodes. The season is available on international streaming networks such as Hulu and Crunchyroll. Death Parade has also been dubbed in English and can now be streamed on the above-mentioned platforms.

C. What happens at the end of the first season of Death Parade?

The series follows the various emotional developments that the characters go through, the series concludes with Decim sending away  Chiyuki’s soul for reincarnation. With a smile on his face Decim bids her farewell Chiyuki and prepares to receive new visitors to the Quindecin bar.

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