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Coming Again? Are you also surfing the internet to get some news about Homeland season 9? We might have something…

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Homeland season 9

A quick recap of previous seasons of Homeland –

You have to be living under a rock if you don’t know about the amazing political thriller Homeland. But don’t you worry! We are here to tell you about this series.

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Homeland was first premiered on cable channel ‘Showtime’ on 2nd October 2011. This series is created by Howard Gordon & Alex Gansa and it currently has 8 seasons in total. The last episode was telecasted on 9th February 2020 and since then everyone has been waiting to get some news about Homeland season 9.

This series has won numerous awards in various categories like – Golden Globe Award for Best Television series in Drama, the 2012 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and that main & supporting cast has also grabbed the Emmy Awards in the same year.

This show not only has an exceptionally talented cast which includes – Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin, and Nimrat Kaur but it also has a unique storyline that was very well executed by everyone in the cast.

The plot of the series revolves around an American Marine Sergeant named Nicholas Brody who was captured as a prisoner of war by terrorists in 2003. When he was finally rescued and brought back to the US, CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison still thinks he is a threat to the nation and keeps a close eye on him.

In the eighth and last season, it was seen that Carrie was in the Russian prison but was needed in Afghanistan by the National Security Advisor to negotiate peace with the Taliban. What leads to this major turn of events? You have to watch the show to find it out!

Homeland season 9

When is Homeland season 9 releasing?

the finale episode of Homeland has left the audience with serious cliff-hangers and since then-Homeland season 9 is quite in demand.

The creators of the show have also been sneakily teasing about the possible chances of shooting Homeland season 9 and raising everyone’s expectations which is not helping!

As their hopes were getting high, the news broke out that one of the main actors of the show – Claire Danes would be leaving the show.

There is still no confirmation about this rumor and no official date has been announced for the release of Homeland season 9 yet, but on the other hand, it was revealed that Netflix has renewed the contract for Homeland season 9 which resulted in mixed feelings from the fans.

They are still confused about whether they would be able to see Homeland season 9 and if they do would Claire Danes be in it? well… we can only hope! But according to the latest news, you can celebrate that we are finally getting Homeland season 9!!

More Things to Know about Homeland season 9!

Homeland season 9

The series has done a great job of fooling the audience with its clever videography. In Homeland, many scenes depict middle-east areas and focus on Islam culture. This leads the audience to assume that this show has really been shot in Afghanistan, Iran, or Pakistan.

But that’s where you are wrong! The majority of the show has been filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, and some scenes in South Africa and Morocco.

While this show was applauded by many and received many achievements, many were offended by this show. According to them, the writers of this show did not do proper research on Islamic culture and made many mistakes depicting it in the series calling it cliché.

Hope in Homeland season 9, we would see the more precise depiction of Islam culture or any other culture they wish to include without offending anyone.

If you want to the series more closely, you can follow them on Instagram @sho_homeland. If you’re interested in political thrillers like this then while you are waiting for Homeland season 9, you can also watch – Madam Secretary, Jack Ryan, House of Cards, Messiah, Designated Survivor, 24, or Prisoners of War.

Have you watched the series and did you like it? What are your expectations from Homeland season 9? Do tell us in the comment section below!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Homeland season 9

Will there be Homeland season 9?

Netflix has licensed the Homeland season 9, but Claire Danes have left the series. It’s been a while since “Homeland” creators Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon informed fans about the new Homeland season, as the network said goodbye to the series.


Was Homeland shot in Pakistan?

Homeland, the show which had Islamabad in it was actually shot in South Africa. None of the episodes had any glimpse of what Islamabad actually looked like. No Pakistani was ever involved even in that show and no research was done on Pakistan’s capital.


Was Claire Danes pregnant homeland?

Danes’ sons have been part of “Homeland,” too, in uncredited parts. She was pregnant with both while playing a character who faces crises at work and home. I was eight months pregnant when we finished” the season, she says. “With Rowan, I was filming during the first and second trimester.




Who is the father of Carrie Mathison’s baby in the homeland?

Mother and Child Reunion? There’s little doubt that “Homeland” will give Carrie a final moment with her young daughter Franny, fathered by the late Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), who was Carrie’s adversary-turned-lover in the show’s first three seasons.


Did Quinn die in the homeland?

Quinn died in a hail of gunfire while driving lead character Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) and President-elect Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) to safety from a group of mercenaries, and a group of viewers – named #NotOurHomeland – deemed this such an unworthy way for the character to go away like that.


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If we somehow got you excited to watch this series, you should check out the trailer first!

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