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Is Ghost Rider 3 is canceled? The Ghost Rider series is finished? Is Ghost Rider 3 will be possible in 2021?

If you are a fan of the Ghost Rider series, then you were also wondering that when Ghost Rider 3 will be released. So, let us together find out when Ghost Rider 3 will release?

Ghost Rider series is one of the highly rated and quite interesting series. I don’t think that there is anyone who hasn’t heard about the Ghost Rider series.

I was just of 6 when I watched Ghost Rider season 1 and from that time onwards it has become my one of my favorite comic book movie.

Previous seasons of Ghost Rider 3:

ghost rider 3

Forever Season 2 Canceled or Confirmed?: Release Date, Ensemble, Cast, Interesting Update, and Much More.

Ghost Rider is an American superhero film, its first season Ghost Rider was released in February 2007.

The film is based on the Marvel Comic Character of the same name which is created by Ray Thomas, Gary Friedrich, and Mike Ploog. The Ghost Rider film was written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson.

The film stars Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze/ Ghost Rider.

Until yet there are two seasons of the film, and I am sure that the fans (including me) of Ghost Rider are eagerly waiting for its third season to be released.

The first season of the Ghost Rider was released on February 16, 2007, and after the first season on February 16, 2021, creators of the series released its sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

After the two seasons of the series yet there are no more seasons. However, fans of the series are waiting for the third sequel of the series.

The storyline of Ghost Rider 3:

ghost rider 3


The story revolves around a boy Johnny Blaze who suddenly one day turned into a ghost with a fire-flaming head.

Ghost Rider is a story of a supernatural ghost, who used to ride his motorbike and punish the bad people and evil spirits out there.

Firstly let’s find out how Johnny Blaze turns into a ghost?

At the age of seventeen, Johnny Blaze gives made a deal with Satan, to save his father’s life. Then, one night he finds that his head had become a flaming skull.

I could tell you the whole storyline of the series Ghost Rider, but then it would be a spoiler for you all. So, if you want to know the storyline of Ghost Rider then go and watch the series Ghost Rider on any movie’s online platform, also this series is available in DVD form in the market.

The story of the Ghost Rider is little bit horror and also contains some emotional scenes.

After the completion of two sequels, fans of the film is wondering when its third sequel will release. And until now there is no news about the release date of the third sequel of Ghost Rider

Cast and characters of Ghost Rider 3:

Characters are a very important element of the show as they are the most responsible part behind the popularity of any show.

  • Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider played by Nicolas Cage.
  • Roxanne Simpson, a news reporter, and Johnny’s current girlfriend, and also his childhood friend, played by Eva Mendes.
  • Blackheart/ Legion, the illegitimate son of Mephisto, who wants to use the Contract of San Venganza to unleash Hell on earth, played by Wes Bentley.
  • Carter Slade/ Caretaker, a former Ghost Rider, played by Sam Elliott.
  • Mack, a member of Johnny’s team and his own impresario, played by Donal Logue.
  • Mephistopheles/ The Devil, with whom Johnny Blaze makes a contractual deal to save his father’s life, played by Peter Fonda.
  • Barton Blaze, Johnny Blaze’s father’s, played by Brett Cullen.
  • Captain Jack Dolan, a police captain, played by David Roberts.
  •  Grissel, a Fallen Angel with earth-based powers, and one of Blackheart’s minions are played by Laurence Breuls.
  • Wallow, a Fallen Angel with wind-based powers, and one of Blackheart’s minions, played by Daniel Frederiksen.
  •  A girl in the alley, played by Rebel Wilson.
  • Broken Speak waitress, played by Jessica Napier.

These are the main characters of the series Ghost Rider. besides these, many other recurring casts and characters play a vital role in the success of the series.

Release date of Ghost Rider 3:

ghost rider 3


I think everybody knows that Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has not performed well and after this, there is heartbreaking news for the fans of Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider 3 is canceled. Although the excellent performance of Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider 2, still Ghost Rider 3 is not happening.

However, the creators have not given the official reason for the cancelation of the series. 

But it is expected that season 3 is canceled because of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was not so good and it has not met the expectation of its fans. So it may be because of the bad reviews of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance creators had canceled the Ghost Rider season 3.

So, for now, it is safe to say that the Ghost Rider 3 has been canceled and it is not going to release this year.

Trailer of Ghost Rider 3:

As of yet, there is only one news regarding that Ghost Rider 3 is canceled. But you can get a brief idea that what will happen in the third sequel of Ghost Rider 3 from the trailer of it.

You all can watch the trailer of Ghost Rider on YouTube and also on Netflix it is also available on Amazon.

Final words:

According to my, Ghost Rider is a good series. Yes, it’s that it has not to gain lots of popularity but besides then all I liked the movie Ghost Rider.

As I mentioned that the story is based on a character of a Marvel comic book. 

If you haven’t watched that movie and want to watch it then I will recommend you to first read the comic book then watch it. you will find it quite interesting and amazing.

The story is good and interesting and if you want to watch any kind of horror, or any supernatural and antihero movie then Ghost Rider can be your answer.

Well till now the Ghost Rider has only two sequels and both have different names.

And yes Ghost Rider 3 has been canceled, and also, it is heartbreaking news for the fans of Ghost Rider.

But if you had not watched Ghost Rider 1 and 2 then go fast and watch it, it is available on Amazon Prime, on Netflix as well it is also available on DVD in the market.


 Is Ghost Rider the worst movie ever?

According to audience reviews for Ghost Rider.

This had to be in the top 5 of the worst comic book movies ever.

Is Ghosts Rider the movie on Netflix?

Yes, the Ghost Rider movie is available on Netflix.

Is Ghosts Rider on Netflix Canada?

Yes, Ghost Rider is available to watch on Netflix in Canada.


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