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WHAT!!There will be a ‘Cat Planet Cuties Season 2’? Release Date? Renewal Status and much more…

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Many waited for years to hear the news from the anime, Cat Planet Cuties aka Asobi ni Iku Yo, but the fans got no news. Fans of Cat Planet Cuties wanted a renewal, so they started signing petitions for the show’s continuation but their wish did not come true, but they are still hoping for ‘Cat Planet Cuties Season 2’.  The show genre was a little different, so for the people who love to watch the ecchi harem genre, Cat Planet Cuties was one of those genres. The show got an average rating but still many are waiting for its second season.

Cat Planet Cuties Season 2

Cat Planet Cuties is a Japanese light novel Anime series, The Television series consists of 12 episodes and an OVA episode, aired from July 10, 2010, to September 25, 2010. Cat Planet Cuties is a romance-filled comedy series, which also has a sic-fi element in it. Before it’s released on Tv, The first light novel volume of Cat Planet Cuties was published by Media Factory, written by Okina Kamino, which was released from October 25, 2003, to February 25, 2015. However, its manga  ‘Let’s Go Play’ came on July 20, 2010, to August 23, 2014, in a monthly magazine called ‘Monthly Comic Alive’. Funimation licensed and dubbed the series in English in, 2012.

Cat Planet Cuties Season 2 is not announced yet, but let’s look at the plot and review of cat planet cuties season 1.

Cat Planet Cuties Season 2

Cat Planet Cuties Season 2

Cat Planet Cuties Season 2 plot-

The story is about a young boy named Kio Kakazu, who lives in Okinawa, which is the fifth-largest island situated in Japan.  A naive boy who one day during a memorial service for one of his family ancestors met a girl, named Eris, she had big cat ears.

The next day, he found her lying beside her bed, she told him something unexpected that she was an alien who came to earth to save her own life. She was chased by fanatical aliens and mysterious organizations, the most dangerous part is Kio’s friends are also helping the fanatical aliens. Now to save his and Eris’s life, what will he do? There is no one he can trust.

Besides, having a great and unique plot the show did not grab much attention of the viewers. The show provided a good amount of fan service mainly the main character Eris. Some said it is brilliant and some well just did not like the show.

There was a mixed reaction from the viewers. And when an anime’s rating is not achieving the targeted goal, It’s a BAD thing as it can lead to the cancellation of the show or fewer episodes or not having its Second Season. So now let us know the possible reasons for not having cat planet cuties season 2.

WHAT!! There will be a ‘Cat Planet Cuties Season 2’? Release Date? Renewal Status?

Reasons for not having ‘Cat Planet Cuties Season 2’

1. Struggles of a Manga Artist-

This is particularly for the manga before its adaption, but as heartbreaking it is, Manga artist or mangakas put their blood, sweat, tear into making manga. For making mere 20 pages for the readers, it’s their week of hard work, the average sleep they get is less than 3-4 hours only, they could not eat as they are busy creating all day long. Many manga artists said that being a manga writer is essentially voluntary enslavement. Because of this, the no. of manga artists is getting less day by day.

2. Not having enough viewers

It is the viewership that will give the producers of the show to keep providing people with the content, so basically, only fans can save their choice of anime from going down. Many mangas adapted famous anime like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and more have been coming for decades on your TV channel, you can say that the love of fans is much needed for an anime to achieve success!!


3. Blu-Ray/ DVDs

The Anime industry has gone from just a small thing in Japan to a worldwide industry but the streaming money is still a fraction of the money that’s going back to make a dent in anime. The process is simple, the manga gets adapted, its anime become popular, manga becomes more popular, and starts selling but the anime and Blu-rays do not sell at all, no one buys the Blu-rays.

The main problem lies here if the anime company spends 200 million yen and it does not sell well while the manga on they spend nothing, sell well, why will they invest in the second season. Manga and Anime are independent in their sales, which means that the manga and light novel sales do not come back to the anime company. This is the main factor that the anime industry is looking for. So in short, No Blu-rays sales! No Second Season!

Now, after understanding the reasons for not having a season 2, let’s go back to Cat Planet Cuties Season 2


Cat Planet Cuties Season 2 Renewal Status

Season 1, of the Cat Planet Cuties, was not that a big hit, it targeted a specific audience who loves to watch the Eechi harem genre, Even in its first season that includes 12episodes+OVA, it does include half the manga volume story and there is still enough story for making another season, but it does not work that way, as the sales of Blu-Rays for Cat Planet Cuties is not enough and also the viewership is also less.

Now, I don’t want to ruin it for you but many factors will matter for making a  Cat Planet Cuties Season 2, so the chances are very low!!BUT there is some happy news for you that Netflix might do a reboot version of CAT PLANET CUTIES. So there you go, and I would also like to say that though it might be hard waiting for your favorite anime series you can pass the time watching another anime series!!

Now don’t get upset as here is the list of Anime similar to cat planet cuties, Some of which are there on Netflix.











SO, TRY IT NOW. I hope you will have a fun time watching them



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