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Say I Love You Season 2. Romance in a 13 episode shorty, will it continue or not just know here a lot of answers

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Say I Love You Season 2

Say I Love You Season 2?! Teen romance is one of the most popular genres in every form of written, visual or audial arts, and Say “I Love You” does the job well. In a phrase, it’s beautiful enough to make you want to protect them. Most romantic shows rely heavily on comedy and are often overused plots in a different setting, and this one does the same but it sparks more butterflies inside of you. It fills that spot of “high school romantic drama” very well and as underrated it has since I personally never saw it make the top ten of any anime list.

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The animation and the form of art aren’t the best but it certainly feels smooth and good enough to watch without noticing the irks. The story is pretty classic but the small details and the way most characters express their feelings are on-point and it feels as if you’re in the show itself. The body language, the facial expressions, and the tonality make this an anime up on the list of romantic dramas. It just feels right and like the young adult novels, some of us might have read.

You can stream it on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles!

A plot of Say “I Love You”.

Mei Tachibana is normal, or “weird”  by the standards of her schoolmates since she prefers to stay alone. She had no interest in boys or friends but things changed when the most popular guy in her school, Yamato Kurosawa develops a protective psyche around her and kisses her. Things take a turn when Mei wakes up dreaming about Yamato and realizes that after so long she has a friend and maybe even more. Every girl wants Yamato. And the students are awestruck when Yamato starts fancying a girl who was a loner till yesterday.

Mei has been through a lot of betrays and abandonment so when she realizes that Yamato might have feelings for her she refuses to believe it. For her, it’s a distant dream and one kiss doesn’t decide much. Rumor has it that Yamato has kissed every girl in the school, Mei was just another one of his “tools”. Mei, visibly angry stomps quietly and when Yamato kissed her again she knows, that Yamato fancies her. But Mei knows that things won’t always go well.

Self-doubt, anxiety, fear of being left alone, and constant conflict with other girls at the school encircle her. She is scared, that after feeling human emotions that she knew less of after so many years, she is scared of losing the source of those emotions.

This is Mei, tackling everything that tells her that she isn’t enough, hand in hand with Yamato.

Characters of Say “I Love You”

Mei Tachibana: Soft, introverted, quiet, and unaware of most emotions a teenager would’ve felt by the time she was 16, she remains the character that you can easily fall in love with. She keeps to herself, never really socializes but soon develops some strong, near-unbreakable bonds with girls she never thought she would talk to. Aiko and Arai soon form a perfect trio with Mei as they stick together through thick and thin, helping each other.

Mei has a mother and a pet cat named Marshmallow, along with several other strays she feeds and plays with. She works part-time in a bakery and often encounters creeps and stalkers but maintains her composure, hence proving, that she is strong.

Say I love you
Mei Tachibana is one of her gentle faces


Yamato Kurosawa: Popular, extroverted and interactive, the exact opposite of his girlfriend, Mei. The qualities they both have are their love for cats, caring, and an aura that makes them trustworthy. He is rich, as Mei finds out when she sees his house, but doesn’t like showing off. He has friends and a lot of girls are head-over-heels for him, which he doesn’t push away, and that was maybe what made him trustworthy.

Friends Kenji Nakanishi and Arai, they three and Mei often move in a squad before the formers part off and Yamato and Mei walk home together. He adopts a cat after he sees Mei sad over the abandoned kitten, which he adores and names Kuro. After a past of loose friendships, Yamato betters himself for Mei and the good.Know about Say I Love You Season 2 just read below.

Say I love you
Yamato Kurosawa (Say I love you)


Say I Love You Season 2?

Say I Love You season 2 remains a skeptical statement. It was released in 2012 with 13 episodes and an OVA shortly afterward. Manga has continued and season 1 covered only a few of the volumes. So as of now, there is a lot of source material to write on. But as time passed, the possibility of it having to Say I Love You season 2 has reduced.

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Say I Love You Season Two was a close call in 2012 but as the years passed there was no response from the studios regarding season 2. Fans are continuously pushing for a Say I Love You Season 2 but the chances seem unlikely. We hope for some developments shortly but anything is too much to be assured of.

Say I Love You Season 2, Worth Watching?

Personally, yes. It mixes the generic clichés well to give you a worthwhile and it will put you through a hundred emotions at once. The story would seem already used but the small details and the emotions each line carries are worth a lot.

After finishing, you might get overexcited for Say I Love You Season 2 but would be disappointed. As mentioned before a lot of time has passed since the end of the original Say I Love You and Say I Love You Season 2 remains a distant dream. But there might be a slight glimmer of hope somewhere that the anime comes through with a Say I Love You season 2. Stay tuned for more updates!

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